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Local Sound Vs Ambient Sound

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Ive mentioned this elsewhere but had  no acknowledgement that ive seen, so im giving its own thread!

The problem:
Im driving my car along, mid pack close to a few other cars.
Im driving manual so need to hear my engine revs so that i can change up or down at the opportune moment.
However, i cant discern my own engine revs from the oppo!

The on track result:
Too often i end up revving the living daylights out of the thing, or bogged down at 2/3000 rpm and going nowhere.

My audio setup:
Nothing fancy at all, I play on headphones exclusively.
Ive tried messing with the in-game audio settings, dynamic ranges [or whatever they are] but none seem to help

What id like to know:

Is this an issue you are aware of, do you think its a problem?
If its not on your agenda to patch/fix then ill get a tad more drastic with my own remedy such as trying different headset bla bla bla.

Thanks in advance!

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I use high quality Audio-Technica headphones hooked up via an EarForce DSS with Dolby5.1 surround sound and I also experience similar problem in being unable to detect my own car revving sounds.

This is common in all Codies Race game and stems from not having a professional sound interface whereby sound can be adjusted with a slider.  Probably no easy fix either.

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Cant say i experienced the same in grid2 and definately not grid1.
Nor did i have the same thing in f12013.

maybe it is somewhat hardware dependent as my rig has changed since grid2.

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It's not something I've seen before on Autosport, can you drop our support team an email (custserv@codemasters.com) and I'll also talk to some of the team here to see if they've got any solutions.

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