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Crash to desktop on load, any solution?


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I'm a new sufferer of this problem, having just built my new rig and wondering if anyone found a working solution.

On a brand new machine - i7-4770k, Gigabyte GTX770, Asus Z87-Plus, Windows 7 Pro - GRID 2 crashes to the desktop immediately after the second short intro video.  I've tried the non-AVX runtime, no success - just many minidumps in the folder.

Running latest publicly available NVidia drivers, 335.23. Ironically this game worked (albeit dog slow) on my ancient Q6600/9800GTX+ system until it died...
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There's a really helpful thread over on the Steam Forums that have a selection of potential workarounds. Do you crash to desktop straight away or do you sometimes hang on a black screen?
Solution 1: - Navigate to Users/Documents/my games/GRID 2/hardwaresettings/ - Open "hardware_settings_config.xml" (Make a backup of this file prior to the following steps) - Browse to - Alter the boolean value to - Save the file (replace the old one) - Run the game 
Solution 2: - Force the graphics driver to vsync=on in the graphic driver settings and set the detail level ingame to high 
Alternatives that might work:  
  • Deleting the .../hardwaresettings/ folder and let GRID 2 recheck the graphic card (didn't work for me. Might work though)
  • Start an integrity check of the GRID 2 installation
  • Update to the most recent graphics driver (might work)
  • Downgrade the Driver to the last known working version
As always I recommend contacting our support team on custserv@codemasters.com as they'll be better equppied to help you out :)
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Hi Loore, thanks for your comments way back. Wanted to update you to let you know that after trying many things, a full deletion and reinstallation of GRID2 from Steam seems to have solved the problem. Bizarre, because an integrity check didn't reveal any corrupt files...

The VSync tip did let me resolve a screen tearing issue though, which was a bonus.

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