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2014 British Grand Prix

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However that is.
You see this is the thing. You're fine with casting doubt upon Vettel's attitude and general personality. Yet when the "anti-Hamilton circle jerkers" start, you get grumpy and go in to defense mode. 

Driving matters aside, Vettel and Hamilton are really not so different in the way fans criticise them. They both get jumped on for anything. I wish you could see that. 
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Well what a Qualifying session! I honestly thought it was over and that they wouldn't improve their final runs, but my god, sector 3 just dried up so quickly!

When I saw Hulkenberg go pole I went 'oh wow, yes Hulkenberg!' Then Vettel went on pole and I went 'Agh, no'. Then Rosberg went on pole and I went 'Oh great, pole for Rosberg...' So yeah, disappointing that Lewis didn't take it. 

I honestly do not know why Lewis didn't just go for it. I'm no expert, but in these damp conditions where the track is continually changing, why the heck would you not finish the lap?! Anything can happen, and it did, they got faster.

As a fan, I'm gonna say that I still think Lewis will win the race, he's got the best car, and I think he will be so pumped for the win which will give him an edge. 

Lol at Ferrari though :p
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VetteIfan said:
However that is.
I wish you could see that. 

I do.

I wish all of us would stop bashing drivers for whatever reasons and simply appreciate their skills and the fact that they give us something to talk about and look forward to in our free-time, but that's not gonna happen. And therefore I'm taking part in the mud-throwing as best as I can.

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