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TEAM CGS recruiting now (all welcome)

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Do you want to be part of an active team? Are you an avid racer? Do you focus on speed and skill, as well as keeping it clean 100% of the time? Well then you should consider joining Team CGS (community global squad) Our team leader is L3NARD CGS if you want to message him, and let him know about the online forum, he will surely reply away very fast. Expect to have your mic ready. If you are an American you can go to me (DIRTSHEPARD CGS) send me a message. Rules: 1. Name change is NOT necessary right off, and based off speed you might not ever be asked. (Faster racers usually tend to do as they please, it's a very chill enviroment of racing, we like to get serious, as well as have fun. 2. YOU MUST RUN THE TEAM RACENET LIVERY ON ANY CAR YOU OWN. 3. Have enough free time to do team racing, practice, and championships. 4. Have fun! (On a side note, simply remember to contact one of the 2 people above, we will get you set up right away. )
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