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I wrote here some time back...


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...in my efforts to find a way to drive any and all PC driving sims, with my favorite being F1 2015.  My problems were twofold...I sorely wanted and needed the fine, tunable steering only available in todays many PC wheels, while due to a physical problem, I am unable to use the foot pedals they employ for throttle, brake, and clutch.  And I will only mention in passing the expense involved in purchasing such a wheel!

I solved much of these difficulties with the purchase of an older "Steal Series Sim Raceway Wheel" for less than $50.00 US at Amazon.  You can easily find videos on this different but high quality wheel, but to start out, know that it is well made, heavily built with comfortable, rubberized grips in it's Formula One shape and styling, is fully programmable with 20 controls facing the player thoughtfully, each one located in intuitive areas foe easy use, not including the four programmable paddles on the rear of the wheel where they allow easy reach with four fingers without having to move your hands while controlling throttle, brake, and gears up and down.  They allow for automatic transmissions and/or auto clutch handling that is smooth and accurate.  Also included in the control count I gave is a 4 way D-Pad, and not included are two dials set up for use as handlers for sensitivity and assists, both easily used while on the road!

This particular controller had been built to be used as a free-wheeling wheel...meaning that it attaches to nothing, not even a bracket to keep the wheel from moving all over the place which it usually does.  Mercury switches inside the handles provide the finest and most accurate steering I've ever experienced,  but as my arms crawl up nd to the left or right of my line of sight you really wish the wheel was anchored where it's supposed to stay...especially when the racing gets hot and heavy!  I knew I could fabricate a replacement for the Force Feedback...not on my budget or in the makeshift shop in my apartment, but the problem with it's free wheeling design definitely had promise!

That promise was indeed handled with a few pieces of hardware I found lying about.  An old tripod equipped with a Bogen quick release head was resurrected to use as the Wheel stand so that I wouldn't have to build a more complicated system that would allow the wheel to be attached to my desk, and the quick-release bracket holds onto what ever item you like with an octagonal, male part screwed into the bottom of the item.  And with the wheel having had a machine threaded hole right where it needed to be, on the rear side of the wheel and on-center.  It was a no-brainer to put an inch long, matching screw in the threaded hole having just before slid the tripod mounting plate over it, and then about a 3/4 in. spacer.  The spacer is required because without one the mounting plate would would tighten down against the back of the wheel where it would interfere with the oh so important paddles!  And a thin spacer, like a few nuts screwed onto the machine screw would cause the new bracket to tighten up making it probable that steering would become impossible!

In any case problems like these all have solutions, and most more than one!  For me this problem solved the way I did so, did so perfectly.  While you may require a completely different solution, mine may indeed give you ideas that you may not otherwise imagine.     


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