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[Bug Report] PS4 ds4 pad


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I have never lost audio altogether from the DS4. However, I do notice, maybe once every other rally, that the pacenotes get one indication chopped off. Something like:

"80 right 4 - over cr..." ---------- " into left 5 don't cut".

The problem is that my --------- indicated above might have been a "tightens" or "rocks outside" or something like that. Seems like when it happens, I lose the very last syllable of the current indication, then miss one indication entirely, and then it comes back OK.
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YPMUD said:
Has anyone been using the ps4 pad and lost audio out of the handset for pacenotes etc?
I have lost it on my copy of DR and done a restart etc still no audio !
Have you accidentally changed the audio setting from tv to headphones by any chance?
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