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wheel support and controller issue.


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So, i decided to give this game YET another chance, after all the issues regarding bugs, controller issues etc, and last time i played it my Xbox one controller worked no problem, since then ive bought a Ferrari 458 Italia wheel and after giving it a whirl on a few other games, including F1 2014, i boot up this and what a surprise, i get the error message My Wheel is not supported, so i try customizing the controls to get it to work and nothing, so i go back and use my xbox one controller, and whats this,, This seems to be no longer supported either. like seriously what is codemasters doing. only supporting £200+ steering wheels,  and not controller support has vanished. so once again its time to delete F1 2015, and get rid of the useless piece of crap. after having the game since july, ive managed to play a whopping 5 HOURS, without any issues. safe to say, this will be one franchis i wont be buying again in the future. 
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