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Concering the Club

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I am the Founder of a Club. But we have to deal with a lot of problems:

First of all, one man can't join. It is simply impossible. I never saw that he wanted to get in that I could accept while club was moderated and he couldn't join while the club was open. But others could. His profile seems to be correct connected. I also couldn't invite him as we were racenet-friends.

Another one was applying but he missed the button to accept. The one for denying the request wasw shown.

I am the founder, and I always appear offline in-game raceclub menu. Steam shows me online and playing.

Even if I drive a car I own, often my club initials aren't shown and even if I equipped the specific club-painting, my EP aren't shown up in the club.

So, player-specific or just bad implementation?

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