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DLC Wishlist - Cars and tracks

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As for mini-expansions, here is an idea:

Le Mans Series: Four car categories (GT3 cars (they would fit and are already implemented), a new GT1 category, GT Ultimate cars, and a new GT Ultra-Ultimate ( :P ) category) which all race in the same race but have separated race results. I guess you catch my drift. I don't know about GT1 cars, as they don't take part at the 24 Hours anymore.

Now, about the new cars and tracks:

GT Group 2 (=GT3):
- BMW Z4 GT3
- Aston Martin Vantage GTE
- Chevrolet Corvette C7.R
- Dodge SRT Viper GTS-R
- Ferrari 458 GT3 (dreaming here...)

GT Ultimate (=LMP2):
- Alpine A450
- Ligier JS P2
- Oreca 03R
- Zytek Z11SN

"GT Ultra-Ultimate" (=LMP1):
- Rebellion R-One
- Toyota TS-040
- Lola B12/60

- Circuit de la Sarthe (Circuit de la Sarthe + Bugatti Circuit)
- Daytona Motor Speedway (Tri-Oval + Road Course + Moto-Course )
- Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
- Road America
- Silverstone
- Fuji Speedway
- Shanghai International Circuit

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the addition of a camaro to the classic muscle list is a good choice, i suggest using one of the first gen camaro styles, maybe a 67.

the AE86 and the docks from the original GRID are a bare necessity, and i would love a c1 class ae86, more specifically the wonderful ASCAR based ae86 built by Driftworks, surely some of you have seen it. 
yeah im sure it would be a pain on licensing and what not, but if it can be done, i would love to have it. 


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Bump. :)

I'd like to see new touring cars too. Mostly cat. C and cat. B ones.

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Them not including the Supra TT has to either be a complete oversight or they're saving it for a DLC.

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