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The Dirt Tour (Development Thread)

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I'm a veteran Colin McRae Rally player - having played every game since the original. As far as Dirt Rally goes, I'm really enjoying it - about 48+ hours in at time of writing.

I've created a new league called The Dirt Tour (TDT) - named in homage to the fictional racing series from Dirt 2 - and wanted to generate some discussion on what sort of format people would like to see the league take.

My original vision called for a single car series comprising a number of long stages with no restarts or tuning and minimal to no repair time - making it sort of an endurance test and a challenge to keep you car running - then a final sprint stage thrown in for good measure.

I've tested this format in Wales using an Impreza R4 (Sweet Lamb, River Severn Valley etc) and my poor Impreza was absolutely maimed by the time I got to the final sprint stage which really affected my stage time.

But it was frustrating and fun :)

Ideas and suggestions for the inaugural "Dave Mirra Memorial Trophy" are welcome and appreciated.

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