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My league is broken and i cannot remove it from my game

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My league that had 12 rounds broke after round 10... (maybe a bug??)
as you can see when you follow the link:
I am not able to play on or remove the league from my only 6 slots i have.
What now ??
I am disappointing 30+ players..

O yeah ...my league had a restart league option .
This broke after round 7 or 8.
Only restarting stage when you where playing was possible till the end.

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I got one of them... At some point I was deleting/moving around something and last two events ended up out of order. Event 2 was 3 and event 3 was 2. So after event 2 which is actually 3 t,he season ended and cant get to event 3 because it was second... I assume it'll clear after the times expire?


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