Community Rally School #Now also for DR2 Every day there are new threads made for simple questions, for complaints about the game being to hard, for setup requests........ 
For all of this, simply go here and ask what you want to know. Will keep the forum more organized and also helps other people with the same questions to find the answers faster. 
This is especially for all the fresh new console players. No elitism bashing here, I own a PS4 myself and know the reasons people have consoles over PCs. And since DR is the same on all platforms this distinguishment shouldn't be made at all in this forum IMO. 

The Community can give qualitative answers to almost anything:

Some say DR is to hard, but for different reasons.
There are some that find the effort to achieve something tedious and no fun. People that come home after a stressful day at work and just want to relax and have some nice entertainment in the form of games. Emphasis is here on relax and entertain, which means you don't want to be stressfully challenged or put hundreds of hours into something to get a small sense of nice entertainment. Which is fine, this opinions are totally understandable. But I'm afraid to tell you, that Dirt Rally wasn't aimed at you then. It's like Dark Souls or Kerbal Space Program or Assetto Corsa, all these games demand a lot from their players, be it skill and practise or lots of time learning basic things.
For nice evening entertainment look more at Dirt Showdown, Dirt 3, NFS 2015, Just Cause 3, CoD/BF/ etc.

Then there are those who generally like this type of game but still find it crazy hard, because they think they should be way faster the way they drive. Maybe they are also new to Rallying.
Ask whatever you want about driving techniques, setups, pace notes. game mechanics etc. and the community will answer it for you. 

Some FAQ:

Too slow?
- Be aware that you need to upgrade your car in career mode. The AI always has fully upgraded cars, so don't wonder if you're slow if your car isn't yet fully upgraded

Not First?
- Winning is not the goal. The Podium is (Career). You will proceed to the next class as long as you finish in the top 3 ranks of a championship.

Handling weird, Forza drives different?
- You are driving offroad, which requires new learning of how a car behaves compared to tarmac.

How do upgrades work?
- Stage distance driven with a particular car multiplied by your mechanic bonuses.

How do you drive stage X ?
- Say which parts of certain stages you find difficult and we will guide you the fastest and the most reliable ways through it. 

- We can give you advice on setting up your car and you find complete setups in the workshop. Be aware that setups are no 'Nitrous'! They highly depend on the driving style, which means what works for one can feel horrible to the next person.

#Be polite and focused. No: "PC's best!" No :"Game is to damn hard!" No: "Nobody can be faster than me, all the others have to be cheatin' "
#Ask what you don't know yet and answer what you know for sure.