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On 4/15/2016 at 7:10 AM, mostlybobbins said:

As an Xbox One player with a controller, I'm currently at a loss with a couple of things. Firstly, use of the brake - firstly, I'll qualify that I'm literally just doing the first two Rallycross stages of Lydden Hill and Holjes without leaping in before I'm ready. In my head, I'm thinking I used be using the brake as little as possible to maintain momentum (apart from the Joker area, obviously.) So in my head I feel I should use the gears to maintain high revs but am I damaging the engine by doing so? My results are OK, but definitely not stellar. I can win Sweden, but not in the UK! (Yep, that bad!)

Secondly, with my setups (I have two that I'm trying out) I honestly can't tell the difference apart from altering the gear ratio. I can't 'feel' what's transferring from car to controller, if you follow. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to deviate from the norm so early on in the game or just go for it from the off. Without being a proper car nut, I will admit I don't understand what the many sliders are supposed to do in laymans terms. I read the description of each but it's not resonating! 

I have abandoned so many rallycross stages so far because it's such a different experience from stage rallies, and I'm just getting my head wrapped around that.

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I think I saw someone mention an add-on or something that would keep your telemetry in DR2 in a thread here, but now I can't find it. My question is somewhat related, and maybe I'm an idiot for not finding it yet, but where can I find my results from all the races I've done? I see them flash by at the end of each stage and event, but not sure where they'd be collected so I can look back on them?


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On 2/6/2020 at 12:47 PM, Mike Dee said:

I think this is some pretty good advice. Even learning to drive a manual in real life can give people some issues when they are learning to shift going into corners/through a turn. One thing they teach you IRL is to be in gear before going into the turn and that applies to racing games as well until you are very comfortable shifting and using heel-toe.

I had to learn how to drive a shift stick in a church parking lot after I'd purchased my friend's Mazda 323 before I could drive it to work the day of. He let me have it for $500 because it's all I could afford. Great little car, like this one except sort of brown/tan.


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