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XBox One issues - please report here


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fireant68 said:
oscarolim said:
CMMcBabe said:
Are there a few people with The Only Way Is Up showing at 100% but not unlocking?  Would you be able to send me your gamertags please (either posted here or PM)?
I replied to you on /r but my GT is oscarolim

I've seen there's supposed to be a process running today. If is like the game updates, should go around 6PM no? I'll check it this evening is unlocked for me or not.
The achievement is still not unlocking for me.
My gamertag is fireant68. Still no achievement.
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Game freezes (loud buzzing noise) then boots to dashboard after 5 seconds or so. Happens every time I play, more if I try to snap an app. 
I really want to love this game, but for gods sake please fix this major issue.
I'm using Thrustmaster TX.
No other games have this issue, it's absolutely 100% game related.
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Regarding "The Only Way is Up": I'm not sure what the current solution is going to be but I'd be happy with my "Top Tier Counter" being reset to 0. I don't mind completing another Daily to unlock the Achievement. :)
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Posted a thread on this just now: "Spirit of the Rally" Achievement does not unlock if you attempt to do it in a Custom Championship.

PJTierney said:
Screenshot original

Above is a screenshot I took while completing a Custom Championship, at the final Service Point.

As you can see I have 3 components fully damaged: Radiator, Exhaust and Suspension.

This meets the criteria specified below:

With the 3 components damaged I completed the event and it did not unlock.

I have read elsewhere that some users have had success by completing an event in Career Championship.

If that's the case, is the Achievement description incorrect?

I'll try again in a Career Championship but I wanted to bring this up regardless :)

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I've won a career championship in a 1970s car twice now. Both times I got the notification of the gameclip for "Does Your Mother Know", but neither time has the achievement unlocked

It shows as 100%, but not unlocked in the achievements app (the same as my "The Only Way Is Up" achievement still)

Quite frustrating when I have all the other achievements now, and cant get to 100% completion
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