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Floating Wreckage

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Fix the floating wreckage that gets scattered all around the tracks when the AI have a stack.
Sick of seeing doors, Hoods & Guards just floating in space in the middle of the tracks after a pile up.
Fix the Tinny engine sounds & effects.
 sounds like they were all recorded in a tin shed in someones backyard.
There are not many games that I get totally frustrated with in less than 5 minutes but this game is just a pain in every way. Instead of just making it simple you once again go out of your way to add as much unnecessary stuff as possible.
In future just add One big button that says GO RACE! that would be good & do away with all of the other useless cut-scenes, directions, instructions & tutorials that you have to go through before you can even get on the track.
 People only see this Game fill once & only because they have to watch it, you make sure of that.
Like me they will go out of their way to avoid seeing any of this useless eye candy ever again, but you continue to put most of the money into these unnecessary areas of the game production.

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