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Game freezes for 2 seconds


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Having an issue where my game just freezes for around 2 seconds mid-race, and I also lose the time in terms of track position i.e. if I'm 2 seconds in front, when I unfreeze I'll be dead level.  I rememeber having stuttering issues in Grid 1 but this is something completely differnet.  The game just hangs and then 2 secs later I'm back on it.  Admittedly, I like many others have probably been spending too much time on the game in one sitting and these freezes probably happen after a couple of hours or so.  Any thoughts?

Will observe cooling temperatures over the coming days and see if I notice anything that's relative..

Computer Specs

Asus Z87 pro (Ai Suite installed but not used for overclocking)
i7 4770k (not clocked)
Noctua NH D-14 cpu fan
16gb G-Skill Trident 3200 2x8gb (fins removed to accomodate cpu fan)
Samsung 840 evo ssd (grid / os install)
Gainward GeForce GTX680
Seasonic S-Series Gold 660w
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB soundcard (freeze occurs whether connected or not)
Win 8.0
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