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F1 2016 - Split-screen offline championship


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Hi There!

First ever piece I've written on this forum (actually completely forgot I had an account in the first place!) On this occasion, I feel compelled to.
Unfortunately, I have fallen out of love with this series, as it feels more and more like features & content diminishing over the years. I believe the last one I properly played was 2013, which I think we can all agree was a fantastic game.

Despite this, the sheer amount of hours enjoyed on this game was the offline split screen mode - more specifically - on 2011. The reason being, is that you could have a full-on point tallying season, which honestly, a friend and me have played to death. The hours accumulated is something insane like 40+ hours (on track ALONE) with 3 lap races! We have had ridiculously close races and as much as you can do this sort of thing online, with your own consoles, actually being there with the person as you battle to the bitter end, was just brilliant. 

I can understand that the Formula 1 series has certainly had to go through a state of transition, with a new engine & next generation of consoles. But, please don't go the same route as seemingly most developers these days, where you're relying on everybody having their own console. What ever happened to just a two-player function on one console? There are obviously more elements that I hope have improved for 2016 (online certainly being one of them - why no longer the 50 rank?!) But I must say, if there's an offline splitsceen championship, I would buy your game in a heartbeat. For the first time since 2013.

Good luck with the progression & development of 2016. Hope the Beta testing proved to be valuable. 

Many thanks,

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Quite a few developers have said that it's just very hard to get both viewports running at an acceptable framerate and level of detail (on consoles at least), and given the comparatively small number of players who use that feature their time is better spent elsewhere. Sucks if you're one of the people who'd like to play split-screen, but there y'go.
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