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Why is grid autosport so half arsed?

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It's a honest question as the game is awful in comparison to grid 1, why on earth start with grid 2 as the base as it was a complete failure and is seemingly the reason why you made another grid game in such a short time (around six months) the time between grid 1 and 2 was over five years...

I mean seriously who's brilliant idea was it to make grid 2? you took a game that had the ability to be both arcade racer and a top simulation and you ripped out all the options/features that let the player turn it into a sim, WHY? 

I don't understand why features have been removed from grid autosport like working rear view mirrors and dashboards? Im assuming its because the models used are from grid 2 and never had them, why not use all the wonderful models from grid 1 with their awesome interiors?
Lazyness and a lack of talent and ideas is what has seemingly killed what was one of the best racing games out there, im guessing this is why tyre wear is a obvious afterthought and terribly implemented, the lack of pit stops just idiotic, and the entire structure to the game is just awful, I'm not even going to start on the different levels of tune-ability and how much of a fail that is - and why claim players can pick the races they want when to progress and open up locked parts of the game they must play all disciplines? unlike grid 1 where you could actually pick and choose and still progress, unlock and complete the game.
The parts of the game that seem unchanged from grid 1 - the graphics and AI, are both great, and thank you for removing the awful 'super breaking' feature, the only part of the original grid that imo kept it from being the ultimate racing sim.
All that was needed for grid 2 to be a success was take grid 1 loose the crap breaking and just add more content and races, the layout of the game was perfect, race what you want and leave the rest, running a racing team and being able to choose your team mate was so cool why cut that out? and the le mans race at the end of every season was brilliant fun, the layout to grid autosport is utter crap in comparison and evidently took all of five minutes to think up and put together.
And is it just me that thinks time trial is a real obvious slap in the face, you might as well have just put: "we simply were not arsed to make another racing mode" it would have wasted less time, and then making drifters play it! I love drifting but why the hell is it assumed that I want to play time trial, or for that matter drive US muscle cars.

Please stop listening to idiotic focus groups that have no idea what a good game is (I can only assume this is the reason why once epic series are systematically being destroyed) and please STOP WATERING DOWN YOUR GAMES, we're not all simpletons, you killed colin mcrae rally now your doing the same to toca, please if you must make new $hite titles for kiddies don't use them to replace old classics.

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I find the core of the game, the driving physics and feel to be a big improvement over grid 2, which I rented. Grid 1 I played the demo of and mainly that ultra braking you talk about was so off putting I disregarded after 15 minutes.  The game has basically gone back to the fun factor of TOCA 2 but its still obviously half assed in alot of areas like you say.  Blatant lazyness and or just cheap game design really seems to be the new norm in more and more games.  
The awesome colin mcrae physics were made childishly simplistic in dirt, grid did the exact same with TOCA physics....  (although they butchered TOCA 3 physics with unrecoverable slides, similar to dirt 3... unless you mash the throttle :facepalm:).  I'd guess its some kind of marketing strategy to just mess up certain aspects of the game so they can improve on those areas in the next one, and therefore keep you buying the next and next rather than just sticking with a perfect one that doesn't need improvement.  Asseto corsa looks to be the new definitive sim racer if your looking for a game that doesn't pull punches in its pursuit of physics perfection although I still appreciate autosports accessibility and semi return to the fun factor of toca 2.  I don't like how when you get a good run out of a corner in autosport it seems like you barely gain any time unlike in f1 2013 where you should be gaining time through the length of the straight.  Probably a ploy to create closer racing or at least the illusion of it but it makes it really hard to catch up if you are spun. 
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