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Community Spotlight: My Awesome Rig

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It’s Community Spotlight time and this week we’re talking to Codemasters forum member; DiRT fan and owner of one of the sweetest gaming rigs we’ve ever seen; Avenga76.

Tell us about your rig and give us some hard specs

My rig is a heavily modified GT Omega EVO chassis using a Fanatec Clubsport wheel, pedals and an H-Shifter. For rally I use the BMW M3 GT2 rim with a DSD hydraulic handbrake and Short Shift Pro-Comp Sequential Shifter. The Fanatec CSW has a quick release system so I can swap over to the formula rim for open wheelers.

I’m also using a SimXperience GS-4 6DOF motion seat which uses servo motors to simulate the sustained G-forces, bumps and impacts you would feel while racing. Under the seat cover there are these large metal paddles on the bottom and back of the seat which will press against you as you race.

f1 2

So for example if you are turning right then the seat will apply pressure to the left side of the seat simulating the lateral G-forces you would feel as your body is pushed against the seat towards the outside of the corner. Also, to further enhance the motion feedback I have an 8 transducer SimVibe setup which has eight bass shakers positioned strategically around my rig to recreate the different vibrations coming from different locations in the car based on the suspension, engine and other motion data from the game.

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