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Dear Codemasters,

I wanna thank all of you who were involved by the development of DIRT Rally.
Finally i can enjoy this game on my PS4, Playseat and Thrustmaster T300 steering wheel.
It all begins for me with CMR on the PS1,2 and 3.
Also playing back then were WRC, V Rally and Richard Burns Rally.
I was infected by the rally virus and the last 10 years i also visiting a lot of WRC rounds in Germany, Sardinia and the end of this year i'm going to Spain.

But back to DIRT, Wow amazing how much detail there is in this title.
The sounds, the handling with my steering wheel, all the environments, the graphics, the online daily and weekly events and challenges, and last but not least the replays...WOW!

Everything breaths realism and authenticity, a big Applaus!

I've got a couple of requests for the near future and one point of criticism.
The framerate drops very often heavily in almost all UK stages, are you aware of this and can this be fixed?

Then my request for the near future:
All Rallycross tracks based on the 2016 calendar.
More countries like, Spain, Corsica, Australia and Argentina with the watersplashes.
More vineyard based stages in Germany.
Add more bridges and lake passings in Finland
Add more wildlife crossing the stages like cows etc.
More cars like the Peugeot 206WRC, Citroen Xsara WRC, Skoda Fabia and the New R5 Machinery used in the ERC.
And the option for choosing your tires.

Hopefully you can do something with this and i inspired you like all of you inspired me.

This Rally title makes my gaming life complete and hopefully it has a long lifespan for everybody.

Keep up the good work

Greets Mark Ham (psnCHAMBON206)

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I'm loving this game but I have a complaint to make about the 2010 cars. The Fiesta WRC car is the ONLY one that changes gear as quickly as it SHOULD. It makes all of the others feel dull in comparison, their gear changes are noticeably slower even though they have identical transmissions! This should be a simple update to the game and be a priority.

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