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This game is so frustrating if you can't play it consistently.

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KK78 said:
General question, are the leader boards combined, as in when I look on PS4 are those times on there from the PC and Xbox too or just PS4?
Each platform has separate leaderboards. So only PC players have the exclusivity to the luxury known as "cheaters".
Porkhammer said:
Oh and yes, I think the AI is a little better in Monaco than the other locations - I remember it was the only place I struggled to beat them without upgrades.
Yep, R4 AI in Monte is seriously quick. At least on the Master level. However everywhere else it goes back to slow routine.

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Didzis said:
zeph97 said:
If I am a newbie, this is what I will do.
0. Watch all the tutorial videos in game several times.
1. Find a playground stage, keep driving on it to practice all the rally driving techniques. No need to think about pacenotes yet, just remember the stage for now. Pant Mawr/Reverse is good I think. Keep improving the stage time second by second until you are confident with your driving skill. This will take many hours of your time.
2. Learn how to drive with pacenotes on the playground stage.
3. Do Open Championship, just finish all the stages cleanly. No need to worry about winning yet. Don't forget to turn off all the timer/progress HUD because it will distract you A LOT.
4. Turn off pacenote/co-driver HUD. Just listen to it.
5. Win Masters Championship after hundred/thousand of hours in game.
Kinda disagree with points 3 and 4. The only distracting thing is the split times, that show up in the middle of the screen. The pacenote HUD actually is very usefull, especially in the beginning. You might miss or missunderstand a pacenote, but there's still the little graphic in the HUD that show's the note and that helps. 
I agree with the split times being a total ballache but love the pacenotes; I tend to see the colour, direction and turn angle with my peripheral vision even though I'm actually glued to the course and helps A LOT if I don't hear the co-driver properly.
I'm a 'visual cues' person, some people may understand where I'm coming from.

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Kakkela said:
coastkey said:
Its on my feed on Xbox. Tag is Coastkey

Many people here don't use Xbox so you could have linked it just fine :)
I found them after a bit of digging tho and must say I'm amazed how slow Xbox community is at Monte. Game hasn't been out for long so some people probably aren't in R4 cars yet.

My pics:
PC Master difficulty AI times

82. (minus few cheaters) PC driver is ahead of your AI time.

@Porkhammer has 3:16.358 , there might be something in Monte times, other location's AI times usually aren't that close to top times.
Sry for that and thx for putting them out. Im an old guy and not very skilled in other than mail and basics on computer.

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