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Avenga76's Gaming rig


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Thanks @justbiglee and Codemasters for featuring my rig.

Thanks @gfRally I love the look of the old 70's rally cars so I wanted to capture that spirit in my Avenger. It is a pretty head turning car in real life, I always get people coming up to me and asking me about it. I have even had a few people leaning out the window of their car taking photos of it on the motorway. My next V8 Avenger project is going to be done in a Group B/DRM style. Something like an Audi Quattro S1 or a Capri Turbo.

I have been busy upgrading my rig and playing some Grid Autosport.

This is my latest upgrade. A set of DSD Wilwood pedals. I tried them out in Grid last night and they are so much better than my old Fanatec Clubsport pedals. They are super heavy but they have a great feel to them. Instead of just using my ankle to brake, now I need to use my whole leg then use the ankle to make fine adjustments. It really helps when you are following someone into a corner, you can really modulate the pressure to match their speed.

I am loving the new zoomed in cockpit, it is pretty much perfect FOV for me rig and TrackIR works awesomely.

I have also been playing around with the "Second Screen" option in Grid.

In other rig related news. I have started designing stage 2 of my motion simulator.
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