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(XB1) Has Dirt Rally broken my controller ?

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I've noticed when playing DR on tarmac that the FFB has always not really worked too well and have especially noticed that, when braking, the effect is pretty non existent until the trigger is completely depressed and the car in high deceleration. The best way I can describe it's effect is that the trigger feels dead until fully depressed then kind of aggressively buzzes/vibrates during rapid deceleration. Well, I've been giving this game some serious play time and last night noticed that when I use the L/T now, this vibration/buzzing thing happens however hard I squeeze the trigger - to the point where the vibration now makes the trigger almost unusable. It's almost like the motor has gone completely haywire and the FFB is just a rattle.

I have a second controller (the DPad is broken) which I connected this evening to make sure I wasn't going mad and immediately noticed that the FFB was as it originally was (no effect and then this buzzing/vibrating on full braking) so I have come to the conclusion that this excessive feedback effect may have actually damaged my controller to the point where I can no longer use it on any game unless I turn FFB completely off.

Being as how there isn't a slider to control the braking FFB I just thought i'd warn others to the potential problem. Unfortunately I have no choice but to replace my pad and I would hate to think that someone who had an Elite controller would have to do the same thing if this indeed was an issue.


Setting the 'tyre slip' to '0' in the advanced controller settings seems to be the only way to remove the rattle effect from the FFB. The downside being that the car feels absolutely horrendous to drive.

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An update on the above.

I've just spent the past 2 days on Dirt Rally excessively testing the Left trigger (tyre slip) FFB on an old broken controller (D Pad and sticky button issues - nothing more) and I can now officially say that the rattle effect XBone controllers experience during excessive braking and reversing WILL DAMAGE YOUR CONTROLLER MOTOR. My old controller is now experiencing exactly the same symptoms as my newer controller was. I've since tried both Project Cars and Forza 6 and the L/T no longer rumbles - it rattles uncontrollably with even the slightest amount of depression.

It appears that lowering the FFB slider for tyre slip makes very little difference so until such a time as Codemasters release a patch to resolve the issue I strongly recommend that people should set the tyre slip FFB to zero - or simply avoid playing the game.

I suppose the next thing is to seek clarification as to weather I can claim for a replacement pad because now that I am 100% certain that Dirt Rally has caused the problem I am far from happy with the situation....

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