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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014

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So did any forum members go? I know at least one DiRT team member did.

It was my first time at this event, and WOW what a mouth watering selection of cars that were on display, and indeed in action up the famous hill climb. Never have I seen such a vast array of cars and bikes from all types of motorsport. Absolutely incredible. If you're thinking about going, then just go, you will not regret it!

Here's a highlights video from me from the Sunday

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I was there! Only did the one day (Saturday) this year, but got there very early and left just before 8. Would preferred to have done two days, but the ticket price ruled that out. 

A lot of car shows get very repetitive, but this was my eighth Festival of Speed and I have every intention of being there again next year! There are so many cool cars to look at, plenty of surprises and the rally stage (which is the best bit of the Festival in my opinion).

PS: Cracking video Luke! 
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All my pictures are here: 


The Loeb shot is all I've uploaded from Goodwood so far though: I only took about 10 pictures over the course of the whole day! 

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I saw highlights on TV. I really enjoyed the 20 minute timed race of the 1950s-60s GT and Le Mans cars. Mainly C and D type Jags with a Jag Tojeiro and a Austin Healey chasing after a Maserati Tipo 61.

The best 20 minutes of TV that I've watched for yonks. Great cars from my fave motoring era....thin tyres...large steering wheels..battling oversteer. Fabulous.

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