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Houston, we have a problem!!!!

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A sentence from the year 1970.
And Houston managed it to solve the problem. In time.
The problem we have is as follows:
I start a season in career, race 1 or 2 events and then say quit and save event.
Then I leave the game.
When I start the game again the only option I have is to start new season.
If I did not leave the game, I have the option to load a season.

I don't have the time to play an entire season in one session!!!

Fix appreciated ASAP, please.
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Now in the SP career you should see 4 icons,progress, prizes, start season and resume season, resume season is a like a play music button or so....

When you leave the game and you are not in the middle of a career race or challenge you´ll only see three icons.

In fact is impossible to leave a competition in the career mode without saving, options are leave and save or not, it doesn´t allows to "retired" from.

When you return to the game you can leave the "in-progress" session simply choosing career and the system will ask you if you want to leave the last progress and "start a new season", and this could seems or interpreted as a new game but is not, simply you´ll be appear in the same place before the last career races you started, not at the beggining of the game. The only condition here is that is impossible to make another season leaving other in the middle, one or nothing, like many games. Hope this helps.

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lets recap this.
As I have understand this works like in F1 20xx.

I started a new season, drove the quali then save and quit:

Back in the Career Hub I have the possibility to resume:

 Then I quit the game, start it again and this is what I got:

No possibility to resume!!!

And now what??????

Just tried to save manually in Options - Driver Details.
Still the same, unable to load season progress.

I am more than upset!!!
Slowly becoming angry ......

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