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Pool noodle brake mod for T150 / T300


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Hey, so I found this mod using part of a yoga block to give the brake pedal a more progressive feel... I tried to get a yoga block at Sports Direct but they didn't have one, so I looked around the nearby B&Q and Poundland looking for something made of rubber or dense foam I could use... Nearly got a sanding block but then I bumped into the pool noodles! Ha! :D

So here's what to do:
1: cut a section of it, a bit shorter than the height of the pedal all the way to the bottom of the hole
2: slice it in half top to bottom in order to get 2 semi-cilinders, except not right at the middle, make it so that you slice slightly off the center so you get one slice that's slightly less than half the noodle's thickness
3: slice a little bit off each side so it becomes the width of the pedal
4: play around with how deep you want to attach it to the pedal. The deeper you attach it, the stiffer it will feel. I found aligning it with one of the inner plastic structure lines of the pedal (the ones that zig-zag) felt right
5: cut the excess length if necessary and attach it with cable ties. I think the tricky bit here will be making sure it doesn't slide up. I may have to tighten the ties or add one or two tighter ones...

(is there a way to actually post photos here?)

So after recalibrating, it took me a handful of stages to learn how to brake with this extra padding. Once I got the hang of it I did a test stage in Finland with the Renault 5 I'm using at the moment against Professional AI which is the level I'm at. I did the whole stage in the green and finished 1st!!! I'm usually 3rd or 2nd but I had never finished first getting the best time from beginning to end since the game came out! And 14 secs clear of 2nd place! (I don't use ABS or any assist btw)

So I think this may work for other people too, if not exactly like this, maybe with some slight modifications... All for things you can get in your local pound shop: 1 pool noodle and 3 cable ties out of a bag of 60, everything for £2! And 1 pool noodle will get you many, many of these if they wear out or you don't get them right initially! It's a reversible mod (no super glue or screws used unlike some other mods), looks kind of tidy and it even matches the blue of the T150 :D

EDIT: I added another cable tie just under the pedal pad, tightened it as much as possible without cutting through the foam and it seems like it will definitely stay where I want it now :)

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