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I Just Want To Say Thanks....

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Boyan said:

I'd prefer racing the "buggy" GRID Autosport than having to wait for another few months and race nothing (GRID 2 is parked in my account long ago and forever)... 

There are only two bugs I've come across so far. The 1st one is to do with the refresh rate when playing on a 42" TV and the other one is when you create a custom cup with AI at the last event of the cup some of the AI's simply don't start the race and hang at the start line which somehow freezes the game and it just stays on the finish results and never returns to the lobby. For the time being I live with both and enjoy the really great game!

All you need is a little more patience!

P.S: Has there been any game which at launch date was perfect and bugless?

To answer your p.s. question, no game nowadays comes out perfect. You watch even with this destiny beta going on there will be problems when game is released . Driveclub I'm sure will have issues cause it's put out by evolution studios who always has buggy leaderboards in all there race titles. 

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