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That's not the kind of display I had in mind lol :p 

3 in a row without a doubt. The only hope is for both Pedrosa and Lorenzo to jump him at the start, and then do their best to hold him off. 
Did you see quali? Those Tech 3's were nutty on the final corner haha :D Gonna predict Pol and Bradl to come off in the race, and for a Ducati to injure another rider.
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Yup I saw it, actually Espargaro (Pol) had a crash there in free practice but yeah he just kept pushing a lot through that kink. And once again Bradl crashed when he had the opportunity to do something really good.

Btw that Rio Hondo track, it's not that bad, is it?
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Missed the free practice sessions this time, but fair shout to him for still pushing there even with the crash! 
Bradl seems to do that a lot when he's in a good position. Like Valencia 2012, running 3rd and looking good for his first podium, only to crash out. I can't help but feel sorry for him when it happens though cos he definitely has the skill to be one of the top guys.

Not a bad circuit for sure :) Should produce some really good battles further back in the pack in the race! Though I wish it had a little more elevation change :p

Looking like it this season SA, I'm actually hoping that some of the rumours for next season are true, might spice things up a bit! With all the contracts coming up I'd love to see this line-up:



De Puniet

Obviously being British I'd love to see Crutchlow or Smith at Yamaha instead of Espargaro. But there's no denying that Aleix would be better there, he has some serious talent!
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