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Wot?? I thought Cal was about to stay with Ducati.

Not surprised about Bradl though. :P

More details here 

Also, something interesting from Autosport live

Sat 14:36 MotoGP: And that Crutchlow news we hinted at earlier is official, as Ducati announces that it is splitting with the Brit before next year and that Andrea Iannone will take his place.

The wording of the statement leaves a bit of wriggle room over whether Crutchlow will complete the 2014 season.

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And to think if Crutchlow had stayed at Tech 3 for one more year he'd be team leader, with the 3rd best bike on the grid, regularly fighting for podiums, but instead he wanted a big payday from a manufacturer who's bike even the GOAT couldn't get to work. 

I like Crutchlow, but I have no sympathy for him. 

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mike96 said:

Doesn't bother me that it was still a Honda win, I'm just glad that something different happened this race!

It was shocking seeing Marquez not being able to keep up with the rest.. It's the first race Marquez finishes outside of the podium!

And thank god, this season is already wasted, but at least we've had one good race now ;)

So annoyed with the Honda team, Pedrosa wins and about 5 team members attend the podium. The other 100 are in a circle around Marquez trying to figure out why he was shit. Pathetic.

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