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Happens to me all the time, trying to connect some Custom lobby and i get error message that i can not join it.Than another one and another one, than i found something interesting :

Than after few more times trying to find some lobby i want to join, i saw something even more interesting :

My steam friend Miatakias_GR has been host of a custom game.On first picture he is online on steam but not into game, somehow, hes custom game is shown in my search playlist with only him inside.15 min later, hes still online on steam and again not into the game, but now i see 2 players in lobby.Both times i tryed to connect, i get error message i cant join it.

Now i know why i cant join so many games, this need to be patched :)

Another thing, when i try to join playlists , it takes ages to connect, why?
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It looks like when a custom lobby crashes, it remains on the board for ages.  Its not just autosport, happens with payday2 mp and they released patch 31 today!  Don't hold your breath for a quick fix, I assume it must be a steam playlist issue.  I hope to be proven wrong though!  I-)
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