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Logitech G920, a Wheel Nub's Journey

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Fidds78 said:
Right, after a few days I'm getting used to it but still far off pad pace. Just sharing this if it helps anyone that if you get a wheel,  don't be afraid to turn the abs off, and maybe all the others too for that matyer. I thought it would help but it defo doesn't!  
Sliding round corners much easier with them all off and also getting my arms in a twist through hairpins but love it!
Next buy maybe a wheel stand......current setup leaves much to be desired lol
Anyone  have any suggestions? Budget around a ton and not much more than that I'm afraid :(

I have my G29 mounted onto a "Pagnian Next Level" racing wheel stand. While it's heavy, it's incredibly stable. Like a rock, so-to-speak. Just for your back pocket, I'm 6'4" and 240 lbs. and I only mention that because the stand is completely adjustable.


I only have the stand right now, but I will eventually upgrade for an entire cockpit...

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I went diy route and hacked an old desk in half, painted it, screwed it down and got pedals where it should stay  :D even carpeted the inside hahaha
Went and got forza 6 the other day on cheap just for comparison....it feels...dunno....so much less enjoyable than DIRT even though it's easier l:dizzy:
However, do find I need to be more 'In the zone' for a decent DiRT sesh!

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