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I have this car at level 50, fully upgraded, got the achievement for fully upgrading - Tek Domination.

Yet today this car is still level 50, but has lost its suspension level 3 front and rear, Brake bias level 2 + 3, Diff, downforce, gears level 2 + 3. 

Where have these parts gone? 

It wants to charge me for them.  

Could you investigate please codemasters. 
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Yes, Ive made some contact and ive come across a few idiots. 

On the whole its much better than grid 2.   I think its too hard for the average flashback happy grid 2 player, some seem to be struggling. 

But ive come across a few dirty players, who want to block or knock me off the track.  

One thing I will say, It makes no difference if I race clean or use my car as a weapon of mass flashback destruction.  Repair bills are the same for a clean race and a smash fest.  

But making contact online and repair bills have nothing to do with parts vanishing from my FULLY upgraded car.  

I want to try it in the global challenge now its level 50, but im not wasting 300k just to upgrade it AGAIN. Ive done it 3 times already. 

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