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G29 settings advice - brake and force feedback (PS4)


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I've just upgraded from a T150 to a G29 and adjusting to the resistance of the G29 brake has been a challenge. I tried to lower saturation and it seems the best option for me is around 55%, but that's a bit of a narrow range... I know some people remove the rubber damper in the brake pedal, but how does it feel afterwards, is it the same as the other pedals, has anyone tried it? Because I tried using the clutch as brake and I found the range is too wide... If removing the damper, it stopped shorter than the clutch (so with a narrower range) I might give it a go...

Also, Thrustmaster recommended some FFB settings for their wheels for this game, does anything equivalent exist for the G29?

Btw, a lot of people complain about weak FFB in TM wheels, which seems to be an issue CM has admitted, so I was expecting it to be a lot stronger on the G29... Feels about the same??!!
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