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I got corrupted yesterday too Charger. I just restarted and went after it again.It sucks but if you look at it this way. If we all are getting messed up then after a while everybody should drop back in rank too. (That is what I tried to tell myself) 

I do not know if you get a corrupt file from shutting off the game at a certain point that triggers yhe bug or is it at a certain point in career. I got to 199 races before I got hit. 

We are talking about Xbox.
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Yeah mate it's a bummer but the way I'm thinking is, I can start fresh, start better with some experience of the game and keep improving :) I hope your team is going well!
Yep that is what I did too. It is fun making people wonder "How the heck can that guy be so fast? He is only a level 5!" I had one of those this morning.

 Club is going good, thanks for asking.
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Haha brilliant, gets people every time haha, and good to hear mate. We will have to have some races I haven't bumped into any NWL yet. I have to say, we have a few suprises up our sleeves. Holding back and keeping quiet for the minute ;)
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