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Loore said:
Car wise yes, you're going to be able to use them in official play lists, tracks - not so much (for obvious reasons).

The option in custom cup is being looked at, currently we're planning / investigating having filters so people can choose which DLC is enabled and as long as people have that DLC they'll be able to join. 
@Loore  can you please tell me which official playlist I can use my volvo, and the rest of the touring legends cars? 

Im clearly being a prize winning village idiot, as you have SO clearly stated I CAN use my cars,  Yet im struggling to find where.  

Obviously CM have NOT made the same mistake as in /Grid 2,  that would be just crazy. 
My comment referred to the car packs, I have stated elsewhere that those cars will be usable in playlists as we left base data for them in the main game. Unfortunately we couldn't do that with the Spring / Touring packs as simply put, the cars were no where near enough complete at time of launch (and we were still locking down content).

The filters was always the plan, I'll be raising this today with the team and see what has changed.
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TheHemps said:
So we can only use this DLC in single player?

Pfffft, yeah alright. No bother.

Keep it :) I don't think Im missing much.
you can use it on custom platlist with people that have the DLC

The problem is if you try and join a room and the king (person who made the room ) has the sprint dlc and the legends dlc and if you dont have both you cant join. You have to make your own lobby have them join you ,pain in the butt

If you make your own lobby and wait for the public to join good luck you will be waiting a while. The regional match making and that knowbody bought it ,its a joke
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One way to help ensure that you could play the TC Legends on a Online Playlist would be to have 2 different lobby options when you start plart playing in the Touring Category. Same with the Sprint pack dlc. If you have the dlc a menu pops up saying something like: "Do you want to use your dlc?" Or something like that. Then you go to rooms with people like you that have the dlc for that particular discipline. Then the discipline works the same way it does now it just includes the dlc into the rotation. 

Example of how Touring discipline would work: Supet Tourers, Mini Cup, Touring Legends, Super Ute. 

At this moment I cannot remember what particular discipline the Sprint Pack falls under. But, it would work the same way.
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@Loore copy forza 4 DLC policy.  

Stick a post man pat van in the game, then when people dont have dlc, make the game show them a stupid big red van.   If they buy the DLC, they will get rid of the van.  

Why is it sooooooooooooooo easy for other games to implement DLC, that works in the playlist.

Why do YOU, and CM find it soooo difficult to understand, the WE (your customers - the people who PAY for your game)  want the DLC cars to be availble in every aspect of the game.

If you CANNOT get this into your heads,  STOP MAKING DLC.  

There are a few zoo's in the UK.  Maybe you should consult the chimps in every zoo, and see what they say.  Im pretty sure they want to use DLC in online playlists to.  

So if chimps understand that, WHY CANT YOU?????????????????????????????/ 

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I have stopped playing games from CM. I am bored of this crap.  They are kidding us.... I am sure they lough every day about people who are buying this..... Were are the games with pure racing? Without leveling, cash, points, tuning? Only fun with fair races and comparing lap time? Is this so difficult? Who really cares about Level? That only shows how many time you spend with this game,  nothing about your speed. I often play with friends,  which visit me, and they are racing with my account....And our personell speed is much different.......... 
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