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Fifth Wall Gaming (FWG) - For the laid back gentlefolk [PS3]

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Currently looking for racers to hop into the club any discipline welcome.

FWG is a well established UK based multiplatform community centered around the motto that "The laughs are more important than your K/D ratio" we've been around for quite a few years now. As such the FWG club isn't about serious leagues etc we just enjoy racing to the fullest and in our own time. So if your the kind of laid back gamer that just enjoys the games or even if you have a busy schedule that stops you being part of serious leagues then feel free to hop in and fly the FWG colours just for the fun of it.


he club is open to anyone and currently just consists of myself but a few of the more established members will also be on board soon and hey if your looking for a decent community to join then feel free to check us out at: 


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Have a few members bow but none seem to have applied the club livery, anyone else can feel free to join up, I'm currently stuck into the tuner class so any other discipline racers would be a great addition

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