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Tweak your Grid Autosport force feedback with a single file from almost any codemasters game.


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Almost all CM racing games dating back to Dirt 1 have the same folder layouts each containing a folder called forcefeedback. You can use the effectsetup.xml file from any of these games and place it in the Grid Autosport forcefeedback folder to get a few different force feed back types. I for one think there is something a bit off with the feed back as if feels too "gritty" when vibration is used. So far I am using the file from Dirt 2 and I seem to like it the best as the loss of grip feeling when the front end has little or no grip seems very defined and the "gritty" vibration effect is eliminated however there is less vibration overall but a very good road feel. 

I do not own Grid 2 or any of the F1 games. I am sure those have the same folders and the same effectsetup.xml file that you can try with Grid Autosport. Just remember that before you do anything to backup or rename the original file. No other files are needed to change the force feedback. This works online as well.
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