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If you had to choose just one...

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Autosport over Grid most probably because it's new :-bd plus I really like being able to concentrate on whatever discipline takes my mood in career. Totally hooked on Street at the moment, haven't touched the other disciplines yet, but it's really good to know I still have the rest to enjoy at my leisure.
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I enjoy all 3 for different reasons but for me Autosport is definitely the best one. We were asked what we wanted from a Grid game. After we answered they came up with Autosport.Also after playing it I'm having a tremendous amount of fun with it. For me it has to be the best and in my view CM have probably IMO delivered the best racing game certainly since F1 2010.
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Played grid a lot but never did the career. Always ran in race day mode. Don't do drift either.

It's hard to say which I like better. I did like the lambo in grid, but I have found a good replacement (Audi R8) in GA.

I have not really tried the openwheelers on the city tracks yet in GA, but in Grid they were amazing.

The hypercars in GA on the street circuits I love. Pagini in Paris is just fantastic.

Grid I think is a bit more solid than GA. Better debugging and less weird occassional things happening. The user interface is better as well. GA has better graphics and I think AI, but more bugs, for example I see the odd glitch on the replays and some weird things can happen with the AI.

I think I will ahve to play GA more before voting. Never bought grid 2, didn't like the demo.
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It's a really really really hard choice. Really hard. Doing LeMans in Grid is irreplaceable. However, I feel that GAS is all round, a better game. I prefer the handling model in GAS, it feels more ''right'' to me. And other than the LMPs, I think GAS's car list is far superior to GRID's, with a wider variety whilst also keeping plenty of multi-car racing.

GRID was more accessible, but GAS is more rewarding. In terms of tracks, it's an awkward debate, considering GAS has many of GRID's tracks (And of course, GRID 2), but I love Autosport raceway and the addition of yet more F1 tracks, alongside Mont Treblant, means GAS is the clear winner in the track department. 

Career wise, I totally understand why many prefer GRID's over GAS. Running your own team was super fun, something that many of us miss. Never the less, GAS's career is still plenty ace. In terms of presentation, it's better than GRID. Speaking of presentation, graphically GAS is obviously superior, thanks to the time gap (Lets just ignore Cockpit, huh ;) ). GRID's abuse of the bloom effect is not missed, and the colours of GAS mean it's a really nice looking game.

And sparing a thought for GRID 2, unlike many here, I enjoyed it. I'll play any driving game, I don't have really high standards for them. As long as they are fun, which is what I found GRID 2 to be, just in a different kind of way. 

But ultimately, I prefer the more sim (But it's not a sim) experience of GAS over any game that isn't a Sim on the market right now.
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