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What do you think about crowdfunding another CM development?

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Since development/project turnaround times need to be reasonably short for it to be financially viable for CM> How would you feel about taking away this constraint by crowdfunding another development with the intent to allow for longer development, thus better gameplay, significantly reduced bugs due to more time and an overall increase in quality??
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I dont think they should ever make another product again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bann me from your forums fukkin autosprt sukks dick!!!!!!!! I dont get my money if I restart an event but I get all the damage bone heads Xx made a game without even thinking about the consumer £40!!!!!!! Game states ONLINE CAPABILITIES LEADERBOARDS :P SHIT
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interesting reading some reactions to this. A Very Good Question..

Crowd funding..

Pros :
1. more money can increase ingame content
2. bring more devs into the build
3. also better future stucture for the company
cons :
1. crowd funding increases more control over the project by the funders and less by the company developing the game. not always seeing best for everyone..
2. can also put a large number of gamers off the game ( the ones against such idea )
3. from a comany that has a history of in house it can distory them in a second.

plus codemasters Racing have stated that they will from 2013( i think it was 2013)  only focus on racing games. after the some what ( sad :(( ) failure of "Operation Flashpoint" .. a brilliant game with what could of been massive . look at arma 3.. a big shame..

for those that dont know or havnt been around codi for long.. check the cataloge of games codi has
 to its name HERE

Top 3 Games/ideas that codie should scratch there head over a pint..

1. Micro Machines - built on ego 3 engine . cockpit, trailing, overhead views. featuring silly cars like the icecream van or even the rally cars of today, monster trucks and so on. Featuring the mass Multiplayer.. this also could combine a Premium/store front via racenet via steam or bla.

2. Bmx / Mountin Biking game ( sim or not ) think back to the days of matt hoffman & tony hawk,. its still a form of racing / sport . ego engine would do this well. what about a helmet view of going down a hill .. ?!

3. Rally. This is very very unlikely due to the fact that WRC has its own game . and this causes problems down to liscencing for cars teams logos bla bla bla.. but the idea would be very nice.
 BUT they could do there own open world form of rally ( think the crew ) but bring back the basis of big festivals walking out the trailer  like Dirt 2.  but with shop tents were you can buy parts and body panels to create your own thrash machine. Again this could go down the route of premium/store front via racenet via steam or bla. 

people are yes against premium/store purchase but it is in this world a required point of revenue for game developers to continue there work and continued structure of the games you play. PROVIDING.. they arnt like some companies (coff apbR.....) that charge through the roof and not invest it back.. =(( 

Hope  this helps your Overheating imagenation Brain boxes ..

Sgt Drayke.

Discussions im involved in.. Plus check my Youtube Video Discussion

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I said Yes, but only if its for a NASCAR title. All you NASCAR haters, can keep your money, but the Fans that have been stuck with ETX's sorry excuse for a NASCAR game would pay for someone else to develop the game. Crowd Funding would take a lot of Capital Risk away from pursuing such an en devour. 

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Also, these CF games are usually only built on the PC, so us console players don't get to play the early builds. If I could get in on the early builds on my PS4, then YES I would throw money at CM to make a Nascar game. I would test the heck out of how the cars drive with my Logitech Wheel, which is really the only thing that matters to me in a racing game. How does it drive with a wheel. I will leave all the color paints and such to everyone else, lol.

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"Crowdfunding" is pretty much what we've already done - we paid full price up-front for something incomplete & dysfunctional, without even a commitment or timeline from CodeMasters regarding whether or not it will ever be complete & functional.

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