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Patch 030715 Killed the game.

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ok ...

 for the record. game worked and is beautifull. Untill lastnight.. 04/07/14

patch for Grid Autosport comes down via steam Believe its PN 030714 and now Dead.. 
Before i could load the game up full screen 1920x1080 60hz on monitor 1. and monitor 2 would be happy on desk top.

Now. . load up the game and Black screens on BOTH monitors and audio still working ( some times ) ..  this can also cause my machine to not respond to keyboard mouse or controller,, ie RESTART..

now i have attempted like always to resolve the issue my self. ( i know and have fix many issues with codi games  in the past.)
the best i can do to get the game running is to edit
C:\Users\-\Documents\My Games\GRID Autosport\hardwaresettings\Hardware_settings_config xml and set Fullscreen to false and this will allow the game to run..

i have tested..
Different resolutions to fullscreen  -- FAIL
Minimum Resolutions and Graphic options to Minimum -- FAIL
unplugging my second monitor and all on minimum -- FAIL
Deactivating all  programs that would require/use Dx Files ( ie bandicam / ts... other then required by os ) -- FAIL.

so current point results in ZERO full screen gameplay..
however.. there is a few last options for me to use before i start comparing code.
1. nvidia control panel tweaks
2. the actual game code..
3. installing the beta drivers for my card. << probly the one i will do first. ( chuckle) 
i have looked into this part of the patch
  • Nvidia SLI Fix - Resolved instances of certain SLI configurations causing particle smoke to flicker.
  • Physics Fix - Fixed rare instances of missing physics on detached pieces of vehicle bodywork.
  • Graphical Fix - (DX10) - Resolved DirectX10 compatibility issues which caused particle rendering issues on certain PC configurations.
  • Nvidia 3D VISION Surround Fix - Improved 3D Vision Surround compatibility within cockpit cams when using a triple monitor configuration.
  • UI Fix - (Splitscreen) - Fixed instances of the UI displaying incorrect vehicle information.

Plus for the record there is no event log in "event viewer" of any issue regard the game?! ..

however i do not currently have the time to do this as my Bills paying job requires me to work. (DOH)

as always the pc info is  :

Intel i7 920 2.6ghz (stock clock) 8 thread 4 core.

Asus P6t Deluxe

Corsair Hydro H100 Block cooler

Corsair Dominator 18gb DDR 3 1600mhz

EVGA 760 GTX SC 2Gb   | Drivers currently on : Stable Release 377.88 ,

Creative SoundBlaster x-fi platinum fatal1ty champion series

Corsair HX850 Watt PSU

Accessories :

Samsung 24" 1920x1080 res 2ms monitors x2 (dual)

I will post soon on an outcome of how far i have got or any changes to the above..  

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ok ..

So to continue my battle to fix this  here is my tweaks and attemps.

1. updated my graphics driver ( gtx 760 ) to latest beta 340.43  
   - tested to windown mode > worked
   - Tested to full screen > Failed resulting in black screens - Restart - no error log in event viewer.

2. tweaked the C:\Users\-\Documents\My Games\GRID Autosport\hardwaresettings\Hardware_settings_config xml
line " <second_screen quality="0" /> </hardware_settings_config> "  ( 0 = low quality )
   - Tested to windown > worked
   - Tested to full screen > Failed resulting in black screens - Restart -  no error log in event viewer.
this will sound silly but.. the issue is when the game loads (full screen) both monitors go to black screens .
( including single monitor if i disconnect one. )
 - This also happened before the patch.   as part of the loading / booting process for the game.
- this does not happen if you load the game to window mode.
- if you load the game to window mode and then enter options and set it to full screen . it will trigger both monitors or single to go black . this then stops all communication with keyboard / mouse / controller
       The 15 second revert counter (incase the option does not work) also doesnt trigger in all situations.

 Sorry to sound arsy .. but how does this happen ( not much wall left to hit my head against... )
 this patch has F* my game.. yes i could play it in window .. but would you drive a v8 with one gear?

i dont even have the option to uninstall and reinstall due to the fact that if i re-download via steam (only option) it will automaticly download and install the update patches.. X_X

the battle continues...


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try these options 1 by 1.. ( it is at your own risk )

1. although the game self creates firewall entries . and even if you created an entry your self on first install. after the patch you you will need to adjust your firewall entry or recreate a rule in settings to allow the game. 
with comodo you will have to create a custom hips rule. for some reason this through out the game after the patch was applied.. ?!  :-?

2. ( my may have to edit C:\Users\-\Documents\My Games\GRID Autosport\hardwaresettings\Hardware_settings_config xml and set Fullscreen to false and this will allow the game to run first..)
change ingame options to from your current setting ie if you are on high,. change to medium and second monitor to off. increase your options one by one untill it fails.

3. go into your install directory and find the Gridautosport.exe & gridautosport_avx.exe right click to properties/compatability set to run as admin  ( this is w7 . you should not need to set compatability to previous os )


so you are aware on my rig i am running the game 1080 fullscreen ultra everything and with vsync on 60fps smooth as butter.

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