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So basically the other day I went on championship season driving as Hulkenburg when during the race I was extremely slow (slower than manors) and my engine was really hot, so I put it in lean and it sorted out my engine but im still really slow so basically im 30-50 mph slower than every other car and my engine overheats in standard or rich,
. I tried a different track (brazil) in the sauber of Ericcson. I was still really slow and my engine was worse than ever, I only beat one manor cus one had a puncture. I hoped this would not happen online as I am in a league so i go to qually in my league at canada and i was about 6 seconds slower. I was lapped twice in the race (I came 3rd last time in Monaco). Nobody else i know has this problem and it is really affecting me as i basically cant play the game. Please fix this by Friday which is when I race at Austria. THX
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