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Glitched car - can't sell!

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As the title implies. @Loore

I've been getting a bit confused recently because every time I've attempted to do the Tuner racenet challenge my xbox has been crashing, and today I figured out why. My Mustang is somehow bugged - and I have proof that I've run into something of a problem.

Every time I use this car - no matter what event - it crashes my xbox after the race. Furthermore, after attempting to sell the car, I discovered that I in fact cannot sell the car. Something weird is going on here.

Video for proof of a weird thing going on - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5eq1c5EPdo&feature=youtu.be

Hopefully someone can figure this out & fix it because basically now I have a busted/unusable car and one less garage slot. :/
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