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Smooth G27 forcefeedback in Grid 2 compared to Grid Autosport

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No doubt grid autosport is much playable game than its predecessor. I just thought it is worthwhile to raise a topic to be noticed as it is an important issue. 

I always liked the smoother force feedback in f1 2013  than rumbling feeling of gears usually implemented in other games. Somehow Grid Autosport has same rumbling issues which I suppressed by dropping vibration values, which of course lowered the kerbs feeling. But a post by "joepineapples" at link below mentioned using the xml files from Grid 2. The result is much better and smooth steering feedback. And I was wrong at assuming it to be the nature of mechanical gears in G27. Thanks a lot Joe for this revelation.

Good for now but I just hope such degradation does not happen in future releases screwing otherwise excellent product. Racing wheels are the best way to enjoy such titles and should be implemented thoroughly.
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May be you are right brother. I played grid 2 only with gamepad due to absence of cockpit view.

I just wanted to bring focus on smooth steering feedback than rumbling gearing feeling as a result of using grid 2 xml as found by Joe in the link mentioned. Never felt such unnecessary awkward rumbling in real life car steering despite rough roads. F1 2013 also had a smooth steering and I wish good of both is taken in consideration for future titles.
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