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Rallying against other classes

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It would be great if in the rallyes we can race against all the classes, for the Championship you go for you class but challenging others in order to get a better positions in the overall position would be awesome and not that difficult to do.

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Actually I´m participating in a singular and hard ruled league.

We all start with Ford Sierra as "indestructible car" and two free cars from "sponsors", Fulvia and Mini. A DQ means that car is out of the garage for the rest of  the season but the Sierra.

We have a fictional credits systems that can be used to buy new cars:
1st 300cr
2nd 280cr
3rd 260cr

You can start with any of those 3 cars; some classes have bonification over credits earned.
60´s + 40%cr
70 + 35%cr
GrA + 10%
KitKar + 10%
GrB RWD +20%

For example, you got 2nd with a Fulvia: 280+40%= 320cr

Cars cost a determinated credits over a fictional catalog/car dealership:
- Lancia B S4: 890cr
- Peugeot 306: 750cr
- Ford Fiesta 2010: 1050cr
- Escort GrA: 715
(you can rent/lean cars too, but is the wors option since its expensive :) )
So, you need to be quick and set an strategy in order to get a competitive car for each rally... and save credits in order to get a B or 2000´s or 2010´s for the end of the season.

It s a very interesting format and cars are always mixed up! The results are quite surprising as well... we´ve seen 306 Maxi´s humiliting GrB´s at Germany!

All the info (in spanish only :( ) here:

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