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PC Thrustmaster TX proper button mapping?


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I'm using a Thrustmaster TX with the 599XX EVO Wheel rim. When I play the game on Xbox 1 everything maps out to the proper buttons on the wheel. The top row of buttons on the rim are, in order, Y, X, A and B. The bottom row of buttons are Select and start on the left. I can map the actual in game controls to whatever I want but all the menus act the way they are supposed to. 

When I use it on PC and I go to customize the controls I can map them to whatever I want but they show as "Button ##". However, when I'm in the menus the prompts are all showing the Xbox buttons... The thing is, the actual buttons on the wheel don't match at all! For example the X button on the Wheel is the Y in game, the A on the wheel is X in game, etc.

Is there anyway to get it to actually act like the wheel is an Xbox controller with the proper mapping? It's so much simpler on the XB1, I wish it would work properly on PC. This is very frustrating. 
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