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New to F1, recommend a setup to start with :)


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first of all, I would like to thank Codemasters and the whole F1 community here for having such a great forum!
Straight to the point now - I just recently discovered the F1 world on console and as an old F1 fan, I immediately decided to give it a try. That was last week or so and here I am now, preparing for the upcoming F1 2016. I would need some help choosing a wheel setup which will be used mainly for F1 and probably some GT Sport if it is any good. 
The 2 options are T150 and T300RS (what a surprise...). I can't really decide whether the extra money are justified for the T300RS, could you guys help me out ? Most of all, I would like to know whether I will have any disadvantage with the T150 wheel when playing against people with better wheels like the T300 (getting all skill aside tho). How does the T150 perform in terms of car control and how precise is it ? Would I be able to give competitive lap times with it compared to people using the T300 ? As far as I know, the T1500 lacks in resolution (i read somewhere it was about 16k bits while the T300 has somewhere about 65k which is a huge difference). 

In short, all I care are lap times and the amount of control I have over the car. Can you say that I won't have any problems of that sort with the T150 or I will have disadvantage with it and will feel disappointed after few weeks of playing with it ? 
Sorry for the broken English as it is not my native language. Anyhow, thanks to all who got the time to read my post and will appreciate any help!
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I can plainly say that if you are using a PC, do not buy the Thrusmaster T300RS.  Even with an updte it is not recognised by F1 2012 or F1 2013.  Sent mine back and still looking for a PC compatability.  One of my cousins in the Czech Republic has an old Logitech Driving Force GT, PS2 PS3 and PC  He asked me did I want to try the F1 game he had installed.  "Of course yes".  He clamped the wheel to his desk plugged in the USB plug, and away we went.  This is why I am getting into F1, a bit fed up with FPS Games.

Hope this is of help

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