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F1 2015 Logitech G27 wont use custom settings


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Hello Guys, i got a problem(since 2015 actually), I start the game, i go into the settings and create a custom wheel setting (Buttons etc)
So, when i go to the track i load the settings but they just dont work, the game always will use the default G27 settings!
 The support could not help me so i hope someone here can help me!
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What I do to set my controls/ buttons is to edit the <action_map_preset_win.xml> file
in <C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2015\actionmaps>

as I found early on it kept reseting mine to default (thought it would be fixed by now)

Backup this file first and then search for "logitech_g27" make sure you get the right one for your controller and you will see  each action mapped with a button eg
<Axis axisName="di_button_19"  and just change them to what you want. I think button numbers start at "0" Zero if you get button map of g27 it might start at "1" so you will need to do the maths .

Hope this helps
Remember Always backup file before altering (although if stuck use steams verify game cache)

Sometimes when game patches come out this file will be replaced so backup altered file as well

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