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What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS


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sjyoung said:

F1 2014 career mode ideas.

Longer career- Like fifa you should be able to have more than 5 seasons in career mode.

More practice sessions - like f1 2011 FP1 and FP2 should be there

Live the life - again like f1 2011 the career mode should make you feel like you are the driver

Team principle mode - In this mode I think that you should be able to either bring back a team (eg HRT) or create your own team and attempt to win the drivers and constructors titles with them

Formation laps, victory laps Podiums and interviews

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For me the point in career is what motivates you to keep playing GP after GP,season after season.It's not enough go to a bigger team and not even have your helmet sticked with the new sponsors and colors,your name in the car...a money (or fans or points) that you could actually trade for cool stuff is a need for me.That stuff could be equipment (gloves,helmets etc), celebration packs (if there's is a podium or a cool down lap), a new motorhome (if we have back live the life elements)... I just feel bored after win 5 or 6 gps and get a bigger team to drive..
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1.       First and Second Free Practice:

It would be great to have more sessions to go out and test the car for the weekend, there isn’t much running before you have a race in career mode, because qualifying you are trying to save the tyres.  If you don’t want to participate in FP1 and FP2, simply skip them, or, make it an option in the race setup menu that you can disable them.

2.       Helmet Design:

Let us design our own helmets, put some cool pre-installed logos on, ones that are already on the car. The standard helmets are very boring.

3.       Choose Car Number:

This is an obvious one, with the new 2014 rules, let us have a choice of number before we start our career.

4.       Contract Offers:

Due to rights and such, I am sure this might be something on the difficult side to ask for, but it would be nice to see other drivers around the paddock moving around too.

5.       Safety Car:

I must admit, I have seen the safety car a little more often in F1 2013 than we did in F1 2012, but it could still come out more often.  It could come out as a default when there is a major crash, when there is a heavy down pour, and even start behind the safety car when the weather is very wet..  Also, crash damage could surely stay out for longer on the circuit.  Having control over my car behind the safety car would make it a lot more realistic. I cannot spin up the rears or anything without backing off completely, and then the computer wants to take over my car anyway. The way I see it, if you want to mess around behind the safety car, then that’s your choice, if you pass another car, give us 6-10sec to let him back passed again, if you touch another car, give a penalty, but those of us who enjoy the racing like in real life, let us have control, we won’t muck around anyway.

6.       Sighting Lap:

I have suggested this before, and I know others have as well, please let is drive out the pits to the grid before a race, so that if the weather is touch and go, we can decide for ourselves what the conditions are like.

7.       Pitstops:

This is another I know plenty of players want, control over our own car in the pitstops, it’s been on previous versions of Formula 1 games, so I can’t see why CM can’t do it. Also, allow us the choice of a quick tyre change in practice and especially in Qualifying! (This will also give us the opportunity to practice driving into the box for the race.)

8.       Weather:

How the rain comes is not a problem, it’s when the AI pit that is unrealistic, they always ALL pit on the same lap for the same tyre! Have it be more random, with a handful of teams taking a gamble on a different tyre or earlier lap.

9.       The AI:

The AI have certainly improved from F1 2012 to F1 2013, with more aggressive overtaking and defending, but it could still be better. Also, the AI tends to get in the way when you’re on a hot lap in qualifying, or when you’re lapping them. I have noticed a trend that they speed up into a corner of driving slowly on the straight to let you through, there needs to be some sort of “off-line” in the corners as well.  Also, have the AI take more chances with pitting when the safety car comes out.

10.   Test Days:

Like in the real F1 season, have a test days before the season starts and during the season as well where there can be a handful of R&D challenges, team-mate challenges, and generally tracking running, again, if a player doesn’t want to, or wants to end the session early, simply let them skip it.

11.   Penalty System:

The penalty system, as I am sure many would agree, is flawed.  Penalties are given and sometimes not given for the stupidest of things. Also, if there is an incident, let it be investigated first, let the driver get a chance to try and create a gap before awarding the penalty.  Same goes with “Illegal Overtakes”, 6s is often way to little, it means you have to slack off a lot to let the driver through again. Make it that we have 3 or 4 corners to let him back through.  Also, with control in the pitlane, there can be penalties for speeding in the pitlane, early release and so on…

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Take the tyre scaling away, better screen, I can't read results. Having podium, back 3 practise sessions, better car voices, its the same as 2012, take away the oversteering model. But don't take back understeering model, and everything which you're saying. Able to get 2.3 seconds stop.
The Codemaster said there will be formation lap, but they didn't do this, 
I'm not agreeing with you I hate the formation lap, don't stay it,or even we would able to switch out the tyre wear like in F1 2010, Create track, like in Gran Turismo (I know 5). I'm happy with the damage simulation, becasue if I hit the wall a little bit more, I don't want to be out of the race. I think in time trial, the game should allow to extend the tracks. The pitsops in practise and quali, and choose from a menu, which you want. So tyre scaling away. Take back the interviews.
Have transmission every time, for example see shadow changes in every track, transmissions, like the sun goes downer in the sky,
Driver transfers.
I think the engineer should be able to say the lap time like in RFACTOR. like its a 1:13.111.
F1 2014 game suggestions Legend too fast Expert too slow theres too big gap. In legend I’M 5 tens down to the leader, buti n expert I’m 2.4 faster than the second place man, with same setup and everything.

Belive me about the tyre scaling and the things, because I saw you got a good relationship with Steve hood, I hate tyre scaling I need to go to a 2 stoper in a 25% race like in Hungaroring. Or do what Codemasters did in F1 2010, we can awitch the tyre wear off, or hve a kind of option that, Switch on tyre scaling, switch off tyre scaling (so go on the similar tyre wear as F1 2012) or even switch off tyre wear.
New engineer or back the 2010 engineer because he had more emotions.
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I want more 'realistic' graphics. By realistic, i mean more like the type they have on tv, for example; instead of the graphic in f1 2013 (bottom right corner of this image: http://goo.gl/zZ5ula) I want one more like the one on tv (i couldn't find a picture, but you can see it on this video: http://youtu.be/2wk7QQpeVS0)
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Formula 1 is just an amazing sport, and even though this is just a fans point of view on what the game developers should come up with. I hope they could see this, and maybe take up a few of my ideas or even nearly all of ours. This just "my' opinion on what they should do;  an opinion is like a belly button, everyone has one! Now my ideas are...

- Include more Nationalities. (Suggestion)
Reason - Their aren't a lot of nation that are on the Nationality List that you can choose from that should be on the list. Many other games are able to include every country or at least a right amount of them such as Battlefield 4 or Black Ops 2 and probably a lot more games that include them all, and you even have a large list on the website to choose from, so it be nice to incorporate that into the game if it's possible, it's not a huge issue but it would be nice to have all of them to choose from instead of the "Other Flag" option that they have.
( I'm a military brat, and even though my Nation is America. I am a resident of Kenya, and it would be nice to fly their flag it's not that heart breaking not being able to because, I'm not born from Kenya but still it would be nice being able to inlcuding a lot of other peoples countries or nationalities flags.)
- Include past Helmets, and new ones. (Suggestion)
Reason- In my opinion the 2013 helmet choices were crap compared to 2012 or 2011, if you could incorporatethe old helmets from the past 2011, 2012 games and even the 2013's helmets with brand new ones that would be impressive, and awesome.
- Include the teams on your helmet (Suggestion)
Reason- In the 2011 game they have a little slip patch on the visor of your helmet including what team you were apart of I found this awesome, and also disappointing that the other 2 games after it didn't have them included onto the helmet. I want to really feel apart of the team, and want a cool design of the team I'm driving on included onto my helmet. I don't really appreciate having a blank none sponsored helmet.
- Customized Characters?(Suggestion)
Reason- I find it boring after awhile just looking at a character with a blank outfit on with a blank black helmet on as a profile picture compared to the other drivers. I know that it would be difficult to include onto the game, but it still would be nice to have that option; EA Sports even has a character customization on their website that you can use for your Football, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, UFC or Hockey player. Be very nice to have your own customized character on the game. Including what race they are as well, it can be very unfair to a black guy or even the whole race of the girls who play the game, and you could at least include a skin color and gender for them.
- Harsh Penalties Online(Suggestion)
Reason- I hate when some person just feels like throwing me off the track, and my car is either trashed or destroyed and I get DNF for the race. PLEASE HARSHER PENALTIES ONLINE.
- Realistic Damaging(Suggestion)
Reason- I've hit the wall plenty of times at of at least near full speed, and only loss my tires or my wing. Why doesn't the car get smashed in and i'm out of the race? Sometimes I even bounce of the wall, and I'm perfectly fine try and incorporate something new into the game with damage physics. 
-Include cars from the 70's 80's 90's and 2000 to 2010. (Suggestion)
Reason- Really the only thing I like about 2013 is the 80's and 90's cars. NOTHING on the 2013 game itself. Maybe you can create a game for only these cars or include them on your new game whatever it may be but still it would be exciting to drive Ayrton Senna's car or even the other greats.
- New Dialogue(Suggestion)
Reason- Find it annoying after awhile in the race to hear a repeat from the pit announcer
- Include the past tracks(Suggestion)
Reason- Even though we have a decent amount of tracks to choose from it be nice to drive on some the legendary 70's, 80's or 90's tracks.
Reason- be nice to have interviews before the races and after the races, and also when you win the race in podium just like they do in real life, and also even hear the choices of the other drivers, and even yours.
- Custom Voice (Suggestion)
Reason- If you do bring interviews back it wouldn't be that annoying not to hear what you chose your driver to say but it still would be sweet to hear what he had to say back with whatever voice option you chose.
- Lag Online(Suggestion)
Reason - Find it annoying when I'm driving online and I pass someone and get first for a little while and out of no where i just get pushed into last and everyone lags in front of me or when i'm about to pass someone and they lag half across the track.
- Team Manager Mode(Suggestion)
Reason- be nice being able to lead your own team, and even have a car of your own choice with a design and sponsors on it.
- All Consoles(Suggestion)
reason- I don't like the new consoles nor do i want to spend 2 times the price the old systems were worth when they came out, plus their are a lot of people who are still on the old systems that just don't want to leave because it's the system that we prefer this wouldn't be a problem for me because I'm probably going to invest in the ps4, but still be nice to play on the older systems with a lot of life still on them.
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The ability to re-watch an online race and upload it. (Would help with leagues)
The side pod glitch has to be sorted out
The penalty system needs to be addressed. It's better than 2012 but still poor
Make sure the cars are equal online from the release date instead of us having to wait for a patch
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Realistic AI - I prefer them not to ram the back of me into turn 4 in China or turn 10 in Bahrain causing them to lose a front wing.

Realistic Weather Conditions - Many a time I have had to pit 1/2 laps earlier for intermediate tyres but the AI can stay out and go faster then me, in what is clearly wet conditions. :/
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tMansell said:
I really would like to see "hot seat" mode back...like in Grand Prix series...awesome to play with friends...
Big yes to this, that was a really nice part of that game! A fantastic series by the way.
I used to play with 2 friends a 100% race..and was really nice get a beer and watch while waiting your turn and when it comes, make a flying stint!!!
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Idea I had when I was writing another post. But :

F1 should implement full race engineer partnering. So you can race as a 2 person team. Driver races. Race engineer :

Can monitor lap times, see the view from their own and any other car (but only get their own telementery).
Selects tyres can make mods repairs to the cars as they pit.
Can talk to their own driver but no more than that during the race.

The challenge is finding enough stuff to mae the race engineer job interesting, but I think there is enough.
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My F1 2014 Wishlist:
  • Have 2 types of young driver test: 1 for the new players were everything gets explained and another one for the players that have already played a previous F1 game that features more in depth achievements like and unlock more teams for career mode depending on your performance during these tests.
  • A career mode menu similar to 2010 and 2011 with interviews and actually being on the paddock. The main menu can stay as it is, just change the career mode menu, so that you feel more like a driver.
  • Much more in-depth R&D system especially as an N°1 Driver, with different R&D paths like down-force and engine and so on.
  • Pit-boards and more interaction with Race Engineer
  • Manual Pit-stops
  • Choice between setups:
    1: the way it has been in the previous games with values from 1 to 11.
    2: A more detailed way of setting up the car for the more experienced players.
  • Telemetry during testing to optimize setup
  • Custom helmet design
  • Podiums
  • A driver's salary to do something with
  • More realistic damage
  • Fast pit-stops during Qualifying and practice
  • Possibility to turn on Lap onto the grid, formation lap and celebration lap to park fermé
  • Mechanical Failures (slider for likely-hood of a failure or to turn it off)
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Thanks for all of these ideas everyone, there's certainly some interesting stuff here. I've taken a note of each and every suggestion alongside its popularity so we have a nice idea to what's primarily being asked for in this topic. Keep in mind you've suggested over one hundred different ideas in this topic, some are small, some are huge; we always have to be realistic in what we can achieve with the very limited time and resource we have. 

Thanks again guys, this topic has been very helpful and yet another sign that we have such a passionate community here. Feel free to keep the feedback/ideas/suggestions coming!
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I would love to see f1 2014 based around Championship edition, we are going into a game with new engines and new rules, so why don't we go back to 2010 and go from there, have driver changes cause then it would look realistic, teams pulling out (HRT). and then you get to 2014 and everything has changed and its a whole new experience. Just say anything in case i could have the wrong idea of what the game should be like.
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shawnp001 said:
I would love to see f1 2014 based around Championship edition, we are going into a game with new engines and new rules, so why don't we go back to 2010 and go from there, have driver changes cause then it would look realistic, teams pulling out (HRT). and then you get to 2014 and everything has changed and its a whole new experience. Just say anything in case i could have the wrong idea of what the game should be like.
It sounds great in theory, unfortunately I don't think there's any chance of that kind of game with the already-hugely-expensive licence they have, which I believe only covers the current season's tracks and drivers. (AFAIK the classics stuff in 2013 all had to be licensed separately, which is why it took so long and there wasn't an awful lot of it...)
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Unfortunately the way that the licencing is, any idea like this is far too late in development for this years game to be put in.

The only kind of stuff that could be added now would be:
  • podium ceremonies
  • formation lap
  • FP1 & FP2 back
  • ability to create a female driver
  • more customiasable generic helmets
Things along those lines basically but the codies F1 team seem far less involving than those in the GRID team.
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To be honest. this is the best online game i have ever played.

I think there should be a tab in "Main Menu" so for car setups. Someone mentioned lagging, i have never lagged, so lagging is down to connection.

The current game is excellent.

I think a great addition would be an option to create a league so we can race against our friends in a league.

fIsince08 wrote:

I want:
  • Better penalties        Agree                                                 
  • More realistic damage    Agree
  • Less tyre wear (2013 is ruined by tyre wear for me) Disagree
  • The paddock menu to come back Agree
  • All 3 practice sessions    Strongly agree
  • Interviews to return    Agree
  • Optional commentary  Agree
  • FOM Graphics    Not sure
  • Real life-like timing screens Currently ok
  • Weather radar & TV Feed in the garage  Agree

Snake9400 wrote:

Racing in a League - Leagues are the mass majority of people to keep playing these games up to the release of the next.

  • Online Practice Sessions are a must. So much time is wasted having to restart the qualifying session. Which causes no online high fuel runs to be tested. (15 minutes is not long enough, why is there no online practice - like there is single player practice)  Disagree (you can use "Time Trial" for practice.
  • Controller users shouldn't have any advantages, therefore equal. Strongly agree
  • The host of the server should be able to chose where each driver starts if necessary. Strongly agree
  • Setups which actually mean something, not 1-11.  Disagree
  • 22 Player Grids Agree

Obviously minor changes can be made, but still an excellent product and value for money.

If you wan't to waste your hard earned cash, buy FIFA 14 (biggest pile of junk ever made)

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