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What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I would like the F1-2010 and 2011 electronic stability control to come back for begginers players like me. Many people are not able to control the car when cornering with the 2012/2013 stability control versions.  ;)
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Please make it possible for modders to paint car skins again like in F1 2012. The mirroring made it very difficult in F1 2013.

Make tyre wear visible. Since F1 2010 modders have been doing your job. Can't be a big issue.

The AI behaviour must improve. AI do not leave the racing line when they are about to get lapped, they slow down in the middle of corners but stay on the line. AI performance is different on several tracks (extremely fast in China, Monaco and Singapore - slower on other tracks).

No DLC, just make one game people can buy.

Dedicated servers, please!

Force Feedback on track, not only on curbs/grass.

Anticheat system for online races.

22 players grid in online races.

Possibility to choose own setup in one - shot qualifying, not just the quick setup option.

Equal car in online sessions should be the fastest one and behave like offline.

Possibility to choose NOT to change damaged wing in pits.

Framerate finally should have no influence on laptimes on PC. This is a mess in F1 2013!!!!
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Here's my current F1 2014 Wish List:

  • Fix the controls so controllers aren't faster than wheels
  • Allow results to be exported on PC, or have a feature that automatically publishes results online (can then be downloaded in text or csv format)
  • Allow the host to define grid positions for online races (necessary when there's a restart, or for applying grid penalties)
  • Use dedicated servers instead of P2P
  • Create a realistic handling, physics, and force feedback model (see iRacing)
  • Laser scan all tracks so they're not flat/dead surfaces
  • Real world setup values and not a 1 to 11 scale
  • Add a Force Cockpit option for online races
  • 22 Player Grids
  • Pit boards and a better race engineer so we can turn off our OSD
  • Fix corner cutting (4 tires outside white lines = warning or penalty)
  • Bring back the ability to setup several online races at once where the results from one would deteremine the grid (or reversed grid) for the next, as per F1 2011
  • Graphics that are at least on par with modern titles like Forza 5 and Project CARS
  • Keep the base setup constant for each track - just show us what values have been changed
  • Manual Pit Stops
  • Realistic damage model
  • With One-Shot Qualifying, show the weather forecast for the race.
  • Online practice sessions, and the ability to practice with online settings in single player.
All great ideas, note my bolded ones. This is something we may never see, as much like the real Formula 1, they want to appeal to a mass audience these days, instead of an enthusiast niche. Codemasters will never make a simulator.

The biggest issue I find with many racing games, is the AI. I have yet to find a single simulator where I trust the AI. I'm always having to drive 'on egg shells,' braking late, or turning wide out of fear of AI rearing me off the track. Or conversely, braking early when following because I don't have confidence that the car(s) in front will keep up the pace and the general flow of traffic - which is ironic considering that to this day, AI cars are always driving at a perfect speed (where possible). When you listen to their playback, the engine notes are almost dead constant through corners, because they peg the perfect RPM. I believe it's this synthetic behavior that causes most of the domino effect and leads to the poor AI intelligence. If they were a bit more organic, they'd drive like real people, with foresight and forward thinking.

Until developers get the AI right, nothing else really matters.
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I race in cockpit view with all osd off, which when im in a race in career mode, can cause a little problem for me, as I do 100% distance and have to keep pausing to look at the race director to see how close I am to pitting. And to possibly try an undercut on the AI infront. So therefore I would like my race engineer to maybe update a little more on how the race is going and tell me what lap im on, say every 2-3 laps or maybe have an option on the dpad of my wheel that will let me just see what lap im on. Maybe replace the brake bias option which to be fair I have never used. Another thing would be on the steering wheel I would like to see when the kers is not being used, a continuous sector timer, so you can see in qualifying if your infront or behind pole time at any point of the track. And I would love to see the new steering wheel computers from 2014 season mercs put in the game. And one last thing for cockpit view is to make sure there are no cockpits like williams, where you can't see your mirrors. Other than that side of things, I think the handling I the wet really needs looking at. I run no assist and in 2012 inters were a nightmare! I could race in my league ok but in dry and full wet I was perfectly fine! 2013 inters been sorted but now full wet is worse than anything I have raced before. It really effects my championship aspirations. But on the whole I think CM are doing a good job.
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I actually like most of the before mentioned ideas, so I won't repeat them.

I'd like to see an option to disable the five red lights that pop up in the upper middle of your screen before starting a race. I'd also like to see the flag signals in that area to be moved to all the Marshall posts and digiflags (which are, as of now, only used when SC is on track). Marshalls should also show the SC board.
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translate this:
Durante las carreras se podría mejorar, o incluir mejor dicho, grúas y comisarios de pista, para que retiren los coches que se queden en la pista y así no tendrian que desaparecer de repente que eso queda un poco mal
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Lamento tener que escribir en español, pero prefiero esto a usar un traductor.
Mis ideas para el F1 2014 quizá pasan por otros conceptos más que solo por la gráfica o jugabilidad, quisiera proponer un nuevo tipo de juego, algo así como un modo carrera mas completo, donde uno puede partir desde el karting, luego GP2 y aspirar a la F1 de acuerdo a la temporada anterior, no solo hacer esa famosa prueba de pilotos jovenes, que aunque es buena no es muy real...quiza una cosa como una carrera de vida para emular a grandes como Senna o Schumacher, que partieron en el Karting, o como pilotos actuales que antes pasaron por la GP2 y luego pasaron a la F1...además tener la posibilidad de gestionar un equipo de F1, como un modo manager que tienen los juegos de futbol, desarrollar ciertas partes del vehiculo (dentro del reglamento), conseguir patrocinadores de acuerdo a los resultados, gestionar las estrategias de equipo, contrato de pilotos, mecánicos, técnicos, etc. Me parece que seria interesante un juego asi, y ahora con las capacidades de las maquinas de videojuegos se que es posible, porque juegos como el gran Grid tienen parte de lo que digo además de contar con innumerables vehículos, por lo que en capacidades gráficas no habría problemas. Yo soy usuario de XBOX 360 y se que se podría desarrollar para este soporte, aunque sea en un par de discos, uno modo manager, oto modo carrera...además juego los F1 desde allá por el año 98, así que los he jugado todos (y los poseo tambien)...ojalá les guste mi propuesta, seria algo innovador y a la vez muy atractivo..y por favor no desechen la generaciones actuales de consolas (xbox 360 y ps3) porque aun qudamos muchos usuarios de estas y queremos un F1 2014 en nuestras manos....gracias codemasters por estos maravillosos juegos
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translated Vegeta's post

Best regards: I regret having to write in Spanish, but I prefer this to use a translator. My ideas for the F1 2014 may pass through other concepts rather than just for the graphics or gameplay, I propose a new type of game, something like a more complete career mode, where you can start from karting, GP2 and then aspire to F1 according to the previous season, not only do young that famous test pilots, which although good is not real ... maybe something like a race of life to emulate large as Senna or Schumacher, who left in Karting, or current pilots passed before the GP2 and then passed to the F1 ... also have the ability to manage a team of F1, as a manager so they have football games, to develop certain parts of the vehicle ( within the rules), get sponsors according to the results, manage team strategies, contract pilots, mechanics, technicians, etc.. I think it would be interesting to play well, and now with the capabilities of video game machines that is possible, because games like Grid have big part of what I say in addition to countless vehicles, so that no graphics capabilities would have problems. I'm using XBOX 360 and could be developed for this support, even in a couple of records, one manager mode, career mode oto ... besides the F1 game from back in 98, so I've played all (and I own too) ... I hope you like my proposal would be something innovative and yet very attractive .. and please do not discard the current generation of consoles (xbox 360 and ps3) because even Residencial Casa do many users of these and want a F1 2014 codemasters our hands .... thanks for these wonderful games
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doyley101 said:
chorch01 said:

El f1 2014 debería tener:

-Un mejor sistema de repetición, (replay) con mucho mas control sobre el mismo. La repetición debería poder ser vista desde cualquiera de los coches que participan en la carrera.

-Se debería poder extraer cualquier hotlap que se desee para poder repetirlo y analizarlo.

-Se debería poder extraer la telemetría de cualquier hotlap de la práctica, clasificación o carrera para analizar la frenada, aceleración, cambios,etc,)

-La predicción del clima debería ser mas realista. Se debería contar también con la información de la cantidad de agua en pista al momento de salir a correr y de los porcentajes de precipitación estimados por cada 1/2 hora por lo menos.

-La destrucción del auto debe ser mas realista. EL auto se golpea de muchas maneras diferentes y por lo tanto existen muchas maneras diferentes de rotura. Salvo la trompa, el resto del auto parece ser demasiado duro y en la realidad esto no es así. Inclusive al pincharse un neumático, este debería terminar destrozándose por completo dejando la llanta al descubierto.

-Debería haber muchas mas causas de fallo del auto,

-Si el auto se estrella o se prende fuego y no se puede continuar la carrera debería ser asistido y retirado por el personal de pista.

-La selección del tipo reparto de frenos para cada curva debería realizarse con un solo movimiento, (o solo presionar un botón) y no con una combinación de varios movimientos, (o varios botones). Lo mismo para la selección del tipo de combustible durante la carrera..

-En el modo clásico nombres y autos como los de Ayrton Senna, Giles Villeneuve no deberían faltar

With my GCSE Spanish skills, I think I can summarise it to something like this: - Better replays with more control over them and the ability to view other cars - The ability to re-watch hotlaps to be able to analyse them - Telemetry - More detailed weather forecast, and details such as amount of water on track when at that moment and chance of rain at different times (eg 30 min intervals) - Better and more varied damage - More car failures - Marshalls should help you back on the track or push you off if you have to retire? (that might be a wrong translation) - Better hotkey system for fuel, brake bias and tires - More classic race drivers like Villneuve and Senna -If I got any of that completely wrong feel free to correct it :)
Thanks Doyley101! Ithink it´s correct..I don´t speak english very well but i´ll do my best the next time..
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Beyond the brilliant results achieved so far by codemasters, I think that Geoff Crammond´s GP3 and GP4, (especially the latter), are true landmarks, worthy of study by codemasters. For example, I think that GP4 physics are the most realistic that I´ve ever played, (and I´ve played a lot...until today), in addition to the car damage.

Codemasters can still learn a lot from those games....


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Cars are better in F1 2012, but tracks are better in F1 2013. My wish: FP1 and FP2, podiums, smarter engineer, more safety car and yellow and red flags, realistic damage, some problems in the race except DRS and KERS, better upgrading the car through season, smarter AI (this AI is terrible), interviews (maybe press conferenction), manual pitstop, live commentary. All in all, more realistic things like in real life.
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Make the RD permanent and continuous.What I mean is if you develop a Marussia very well , you shouls start next season ahead.What happens seems like the RD just applies for you car (your teammate keep on the end of the grid) and when the new season starts, you also get back to the car without development...
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I'd personally like to see lap times realistic to real life. For example, a record lap time in the real world should only be attainable by 1-5 people; the absolute elite. As it stands now, world record times are beaten by 5-10 seconds in the game, which in Formula 1 would be unheard of. I'm a usual top 500 driver in most driving games, and for me to be able to match real drivers times or a bit better just simply shouldn't be possible.
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Recon1k said:
I'd personally like to see lap times realistic to real life. For example, a record lap time in the real world should only be attainable by 1-5 people; the absolute elite. As it stands now, world record times are beaten by 5-10 seconds in the game, which in Formula 1 would be unheard of. I'm a usual top 500 driver in most driving games, and for me to be able to match real drivers times or a bit better just simply shouldn't be possible.

great idea but I think it would only be possible if the game was a full simulation and not the arcade style game CM are focusing on. you would have to have total control over every aspect of car set up, the tracks would have to be measured with lasers as would the entire track surface, the sheer amount of data needed would be astronomical. sure they could probably make the lap times more realistic but how could you limit that to only 5 people? there is normally 1 setup which is fastest for everyone and its much easier to push to the limit and over it as there is no fear in simulating a lap in an F1 car on a pc or console where in real life fear can play a big factor finding the last few tenths. Although with the modern circuits and all the run off areas maybe it doesn't play so much a factor but at the old school circuits which are very fast it must play a part, suzuka, Monza, spa and Silverstone spring to mind

also the cars just now are not going near the record times mostly set in 2004/2005 with those monster engines so should we even be doing record times? Monza for example has the fastest lap ever recorded by an F1 car, in 2004 Barichello set the record pole and fastest lap time which can be matched in the current game when vettel set the fastest time 2 seconds slower in 2013 so the cars shouldn't be going record pace, saying that with the increase in torque and lower downforce these new 2014 cars are going fast in a straight line so should be fast in monza

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Not played any codemasters F1 games since the practice sessions were removed. I don't feel as immersed without them. Give me a game that at least has the same structure to an official race weekend and I can continue my enjoyment from when it stopped in 2012. Oh and if that should ever happen, please don't call it a new feature.
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More Life inside, and around garages in all sessions. More Life around all tracks. Bring back phone-camera's Flashes in the stands at all nightime races. Abu Dhabi's sunset sequence must begin a lot earlier in Q1 and in the race. Bring back FP1 and FP2, paddock interviews. For PC versions, inside-visor view for all drivers as separate DLCs on Steam.
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This is the far most important issue:
  • Create a realistic handling, physics, and force feedback model.
In other words make the gamers with only hand control feel the g-force, like in Gran Turismo (yes there is F1 also). Watch the helmet on real life-TV in TV pod view as it rocks in all directtions.
T H I S is what should be transformed into the F1-game !
Now it is like the car is hovering with no contact with the tarmac.
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