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What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS


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I Want more freedom for the player, for example:
1. I would like to be able to create your own helmet, own coloring design. 
2. Trifle, but the view from the helmet patches of insects on visor. 
3. Modifying new improvements together with the engineer, for example, to participate in the creation of the geometry of the car. (or create your own wing, cover and test it in a wind tunnel) 
4 We need a dialogue with the player virtual engineer ... settings of the car a little, want to participate in the creation of elements of the car.
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I find it great of you, CM, that you don't ignore your buyers anymore ;) 
Many people have just saying what I want too, but I want to say a few words :) 

- Podium: you don't have to make it exactly how it is in real life if you have some problems cause of licensing
- manual drive in the pit lane and to the pit stop 
- Warm-up lap before the race and manual drive to the grid 
- the round after the lap and than manual drive to the pit lane 
- an helmet-editor would be fine 
- Helmet perspective would be fun :D I mean the cockpit perspective where I can see the helmet which I have on 
- In the box: get out of the car and walk around in the box and talk with the engineer and team boss about the development of the car and so on :) 
- more interacting with your race engineer while on track
- interviews like in F1 2010 - build own character :) male or female, how big, etc.
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KuB said:
- I hope you (Codemasters) can program the new ERS system with all rules and properties
  (e.g. You can use 2 kilojoule but can save 4 kilojoule, the overtake button etc.) and maybe the fuel restrictions ( only 100kg per race)

Pertty suer it'll all be programmed in don't worry about that. CMknow what they're doing the key thing for me is will it work or will it be as big a mess as it'ds predecessor
Now i´m interest in which big mess you mean? Maybe it is something that codemasters can make a little bit better.
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would like a warm up lap before the race, more safety car, when being offered a contract should show how much it's worth like in 2010 so you can pick the one that offers the most money rather than picking a team just for the hell of it, more interviews, for the engineer to say when it's the last lap rather than" this looks like our finishing position"

mid race saves,
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Improved AI is the main thing for me. Having AI that is just as affected by tyre wear / fuel management as we are. Not just while driving, but also when advancing time in practice or qualy. I've seen plenty of occasions where AI is 2 seconds a lap slower when advancing time in dry, or suddenly seconds faster in the wet then I can possibly drive.

What's also important to me is having a close look at the driver assists. I have traction controll on, but can't match the AI in their tyre wear. Which means either the AI needs more tyre wear, or traction controll should be finetuned so I have less tyre wear. The balance between them needs to be better.

Players who use traction controll and other assists can't really controll tyre wear / fuel management. So the assists need to be balanced to make it equal to AI (in offline gameplay). Online gameplay I don't mind players being punished for using assists, but offline the player should be as fast as the car allows without any penalty.

Top speed is another example. With default setup I'm a lot slower then the AI on the straits, which makes racing very difficult for those who don't know how to edit the gears or setup in general. The basic setup nowadays in real life (especially with locked gearbox ratio's we have this year) should be equal with AI.

Another aspect of single player gameplay is setting the AI level. What I've found is that driving for a team on the low end of the grid on legend AI is extremely difficult, it's very hard to even beat my teammate. But driving for a top team on Legend I can beat my team mate easily. Imho the AI level should be based on how hard it is to beat your team mate. And that should pretty much be the same effort, regardless if you drive for Marussia or Ferrari (though of course the margin is different when between someone of Alonso's caliber or Chilton's caliber, but it should still be roughly the same gap across all tracks). And your target finishes in career should be based on this as well.

One wish I would have for the future, which we'll probably never get. Is to add to the F1 gameplay with the lower categories. Just like the MotoGP have features Moto 2 and Moto 3, I would love it if the F1 game could feature GP2 and GP3. That way the career could become more immersive, as there is a backstory to how you came in F1. Those categories drive on the same tracks as F1, so CodeMasters won't need new resources there.

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Heres a thought...

Can we have THREE SHOT qualifying?

Get three hot laps one in each session to determine the starting grid.

And yeah... the ability to custom set up the car and pick tires for these sessions which is currently missing in the one shot quali.

And since we are one this topic, perhaps a different OSD for qualifying that is similar to the timing screens at actual races. Where you are shown the best lap time about 5 seconds before you hit the timing line so you know who the best is and what your gap is much more easily.

Also can we see what tyre people are starting the race on before the start of the race? That helps with strategy a lot.
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Ok I have more now...

Can we have a TEAM OWNER mode where you have to build a car from scratch.

I know this is a different tangent altogether BUT this also opens up a whole new dimension of interaction.

Teams can start off with a fixed budget and make money from sponsors, performance, hiring (venezuelan) drivers.

This also gives you the ability to build the ULTIMATE car with your DREAM line up. Now imagine using your custom car to drive online races. (something that is paying high dividends to FIFA online already)
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The issue I've had with all previous Codemasters F1 games was the fact that career mode is just simply boring. It's the same season, same cars same tracks five years in a row. The simplest way you can make career mode more interesting for all of us is to combine all of the previous F1 games Codemasters have made (2010-2014) and use them all in the season. Have the player start off in 2010 with 2010 cars drivers and tracks, then the next year it would be 2011, then 2012 etc. Then at the end you can decide if you want to continue with 2014 cars or restart the career again. It would be great to actually see a progression of the cars and drivers through the years instead of having the same all the time. It would be relatively inexpensive to do since you already have made all these years games and have all the necessary information etc. This one difference would quickly fix most peoples complaints about the current career mode. 

Of course it would also be great to start off in a feeder series like GP2 and GP3 and work your way up to F1, but I doubt that will happen.
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Ok, most of what I'm going to type here will already be posted but still i want to give my idea's:

-Warm Up/formation lap 
-victory/cooldown lap
-realistic engineer (more variation in his dialog,etc...)
-bring back the interviews/media section (sometimes it was fun to doe because that way you had a little influence in the rival team intrest in you as a driver)
-1:1 scale steering for players with a steering wheel setup
-helmet view (like NFS had not just a static cockpit cam)
-working rearview mirrors in cockpit view (not just when the car is directly behind you)
-realistic tyre wear en fuel consumption model
-realistic damage model (no more bumpercar monaco :P)
-realistic sound and soundeffects (sometimes the sounds don't do it for me)
-realistic race track surface (no track is as flat as a pancake :D)
-manual start with clutch (button or clutch pedal when using steeringwheel or a button for controller)
-full race weekend with full practice and Qualifying.
-better R&D objectives wich translate to your cars performance (in 2013 succes in R&D did not have a big inpact on car performance or handling)
-manual pitstops (but keep an option for the players that still want the auto pitstop)
-more driver animations after victry in race/Qualif
-more realism in the graphics (with the next gen consoles and the power of PC gaming this shouldn't be to hard to do)
-better force feedback, wheel weight,surround effects on steering wheel
-more worked out career mode instead of just race 1, race 2,.... and maybe the possibility of walking around in the paddock during a weekend to interact with team or rivals
-realistic lap times and weather models (2 sec faster than real life lap time in dry on a wet track in game is not realistic:P)

that is about all i can think of, like i said most of the things will already be said but i still wantedto share it :D
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I want only one thing: more unexpected, such as accidents among drivers (not necessarily me) and more uncertainty in the forecast. One other nice thing for me would be the suspension with the halving of the points race because of rain or more. And do not forget the reintroduction of the podium with trophies and champagne.
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ruskin94 said:
I want only one thing: more unexpected, such as accidents among drivers (not necessarily me) and more uncertainty in the forecast. One other nice thing for me would be the suspension with the halving of the points race because of rain or more. And do not forget the reintroduction of the podium with trophies and champagne.
tbh I think the weather uncertainty is pretty good already as I've had plenty of races where there's been 0% chance of rain yet it has rained so I think that's fine. Moer mistakes from the AI would be good though but I think the whole Ai system needs looking at anyway as it was a mess in 2013 along with the difficulty settings
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In f1 2014 there needs tobe a reintroduction of the paddock menu as in f1 2010, there needs to be after session interviews. Commentary with the option for it to be removed and in english have a choice between the commentators on sky or bbc like in fifa. Option for warm up laps, podium animations and grid animations like in f1 06. 3 practice sessions must return on long race weekend and dont try to remove three qualifying sessions or option of 100% races. As like this season, tine the wear down, it was spot on in f1 2013 like real life but it isn't as big this year. Add ERS power output to the D-Pad list like with fuel mix as you no longer press a button to control it. Use that free button to add back pit limiter control like in f1 2010. Add the option to view other cars in after race replays and on the garage monitor in practice and qualifying. Graphics are almost perfect for current gen so thats good but it needs to be improved for next gen and up to 60FPS, it needs to be on PS4 and XBOX ONE this year.
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Formula 1 2014
I'd like a podium stands with the trophy ceremony (also where the drivers weigh themselves)
I'd like to have Formation Lap at the start of the race
I'd like to have a helmet creator, so I can create my own helmet

I know this sounds a bit weird but I'd like to have a manager mode so I can manage my own team.
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